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The Lust Lizard Of Melancholy Cove

Moore, Christopher
A huge prehistoric beast finds its way to, where else, Pine Cove. Did I mention a HUNGRY prehistoric beast?

Words I Had To Look Up::

coldcocked (pg.2) -- To knock unconscious, but from whence does it come? First noted use 1918.
Sneaky Pete (pg. 8) -- The ol' booze bottle in the paper bag ploy, but in the novel it is a smokeless pot pipe.
...especially from fornication with woman or man... (pg. 32) -- One of a number of interesting things in the Hippocratic Oath.
two-tops (pg. 116) -- Tables at a restaurant that seat two people.
Ubermensch (pg. 235) -- Literally, "Superman". The ideal superior man of the future who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values, originally described by Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra.


...even brought in some paintball guns to try to gain the pupils' interest, but the latter only backfired into several incidents of drive-by abstract expressionism...(pg. 38) -- Love that sentence!

Smoke Quote::

Mavis moved behind the bar with a grim, if wobbly, determination, drinking coffee from a gargoyle-green mug while a Tarryton extra long dangled from her lips, dropping longs ashes down the front of her sweater like the smoking turds of tiny ghost poodles. -- (pg. 238) A good Smoke Quote is, uh, good to find!



You Suck : A Love Story

Moore, Christopher
This seems to be a sequel, a lot of back-story is recounted. Tommy is a new vampire in San Francisco, thanks to his hot girlfriend. It certainly is a change from Indiana, he says.

Words I Had To Look Up:

The Big Book Of Death (pg. 123) -- Described in the text as a how-to, but seems more of an encyclopedic on Amazon.
...smokin' one-handed H.O.R.S.E. player (pg. 218) -- A basketball game variation.


They watched the coffee dripping out of the filter like they were distilling nitroglycerine (pg. 117)



The Last Days Of Night

Moore, Graham
A fictional historical novel about the War of the Currents with Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla as prominent characters, told from the point of view of Paul Cravath, a youngish lawyer. Very good!

Smoke Quote:

The physicians, more accustomed to gore, had lit cigarettes -- pg. 244



The Inquisitor's Apprentice

Moriarty, Chris
This alternate history (with magic!) that takes place in turn of the century New York was interesting, but I did not really connect with the characters. I am sure there will a sequel, at least, so I shall be waiting to see what develops.



The Chaperone

Moriarty, Laura
A woman travels from Whichita (Kansas) to New York city chaperoning a young woman (Louise Brooks) attending a dance class there. Nicely written, and interesting, mixing fiction with actual people.



Kedrigern chronicles: Vol. 1: The domesticated wizard

Morressy, John
Kedrigern meets Princess in this collection of two novels and several short stories. Read it again, just for fun!









The Kendrigern chronicles vol. II: Dudgeon & Dragons

Morressy, John
Two more novels and a bunch of short stories involving the wizard and Princess.



Words I Had To Look Up:

gleeman (pg. 323) -- an itinerant performer in the Middle Ages.
lavish in her panegyric (pg. 471) -- Formal or elaborate praise.
quondam sweet little child (pg. 566) -- At one time, formerly.


Oaks tend to attract an odd crowd. (pg. 113) Don't they just!









The Squire's Tale

Morris, Gerald
Retelling of Gawain and Arthur from the point of view of Gawain's squire, Terence. My first impression was that there was a lot of chopping up of people for a middle school book.

Words I Had To Look Up:

carious teeth (pg. 58) -- Affected with cavities or decay.
Harridan (pg. 60) -- A woman regarded as scolding and vicious.
Fribble (pg. 60) -- A frivolous person.
recreant knight (pg. 66) unfaithful to duty or allegiance, cowardly.
vinaigrette (pg. 146) -- A small decorative bottle or container with a perforated top, used for holding an aromatic preparation such as smelling salts.
brangle (pg. 181) -- A wrangle; a squabble; a noisy contest or dispute.




Morrison, Megan
The adventures of Rapunzel. I liked it. It took a good long while, but I liked it.



Quite honestly

Mortimer, John
Budding do-gooder Lucy tries to rehabilite Terry, who just got out of prison.



Rumpole Misbehaves

Mortimer, John
Rumpole defends a fellow accused of strangling a prostitute, Hilda decides to become a barrister, a young Timson is served an Anti-Social Behavior Order, and young Russian ladies are seen climbing out of packing crates.



Modern masterpieces Of Science Fiction

Moskowitz, Sam, ed.
Twenty-one stories, mostly classics I've read before. Nice to see them again!



Bad Boy Brawly Brown

Mosley, Walter
Easy Rawlings help out a friend by looking for their son who is getting into trouble with Black militants in 1960's LA.


i inhaled deeply and my throat and lungs felt a strange cold burning all the way down. For a second I was afraid I'd been poisoned but then I realized that it was a mentholated cigarette.



Gone Fishin'

Mosley, Walter
Easy goes to Pariah with his friend Mouse to get some money.




Moss, Jenny
A young girl is assigned to protect the young Queen who has been foretold to die by her sixteenth birthday.



Prodigal Child

Moulton, E. David
A musician recalls the twists and turns of life that led him to success on the stage. A workmanlike telling, I found myself tearing up several times in the last third of the story. I think I am going to read it again. But, I still need to pay the author for the book!



Lost In The Barrens

Mowat, Farley
Two boys get separated from their hunting party in northern Canada and must survive the winter. Good thing they both have the skills.



CHERUB Mission 1 : The Recruit

Muchamore, Robert
Fairly fast moving story of a boy who is orphaned and invited to join a secret British organization of kid spies. I found most of the characters were jerks. I thought the "s" word was used too many times (four or five) for a book aimed at twelve-year-olds (and up). I would say I have issues with morality issues with many of the actions of the characters, and even the protagonist questions the actions vs. results of the organization. First book in a series.




Mull, Brandon
In book one of the series, Kendra and Seth learn their grandfather is caretaker of a refuge for magical beings, most of whom are not very nice.



Riding Rockets

Mullane, Michael
A space shuttle astronaut tells of his life with NASA. I laughed, I cried. One of the most enjoyable books I've ever read.

Although it IS listed in the table of contents, I didn't discover the glossary until I finished the book. I had complained bitterly during the reading...


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