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Just One Damned Thing After Another

Taylor, Jodi
Max gets a new job at a peculiar institute of research.



Mississippi Bridge

Taylor, Mildred D.
A bus careens off a bridge into a raging torrent after black people are made to get off to make room for white people.



A Summons To Memphis

Taylor, Peter
Pulizer prize-winning story of a man who keeps go back to Memphis because his psychotic sisters want to keep their father from getting married or anything. Didn't do much for me.



One Day On Mars

Taylor, Travis
During a revolution. A good portion of the book describes a space battle. Pretty boring. I found myself skipping three-quarters of each paragraph. The only character I liked was BIL the garbage bot.



An Irish Country Village

Taylord, Patrick
Life in an early 60s village in Northern Ireland for a newly-minted doctor. Third in a series, I think. Not a bad read, but I kept thinking that I am not the demographic this book is aimed at. WHOOPS! I mispelled the author's last name!




"Jesus, Willy, there's a hole in my glass. It's empty" -- pg. 389

The Doom Machine

Teague, Mark
Jack and Isadora get kidnapped by the Skreep, giant spiders from another world who are bent on invading Earth. I liked it!


In the distance he could hear the stuttering of Mr. Vandestar's Hudson...Jack knew the car's problem was in the master cylinder; he could tell by listening to it. (pg. 5) -- Which cylinder is the master cylinder? Are all the rest slave cylinders?



Red Planet

Telsep, Peter
Novelization of the movie. First manned expedition to Mars crashes, everything goes to s***. Some pretty funny stuff in between and during the action.



The Margarets

Tepper, Sheri S.
Margaret, a lonely girl on Phobos, creates six (seven?) imaginary playmates. Sort of. It's kinda confusing in parts. Pretty good stuff, though. Now I know where cats come from! Page numbers are so small and faint, I have no idea how many pages there are. Four pages listing characters and other data, plus a chart of the Margarets and their planets.



Goofbang Value Daze

Thompson, Julian F.
Gabe and Dori are teens in a "town of the future" that has a dome over it. I thought this would be science fiction, a sort of goofy teen romance science fiction, so I grabbed it off the shelf during inventory. It is not science fiction, though. And while there is a lot of goofy teen romance, there is a lot more. It takes place during during the 1980s, as the frequent references to contemporary events make clear. I enjoyed this book very much, but the too-frequent-for-me profanity suggests this book ought to be deselected to a high school library. There are over 15 profanities in the first 106 pages, where I ran out of sticky-tabs. Here is a list, in order: f**k, bullsh*t, h*ll, *ss, a*s, d*mn, he*l, b*tch, g*dd*mn, bi*ch, sh*tload of trouble you d*mn whiny b*tch, g*dda*mn, wise*ss, sh*t, dumbsh*t, fu*k, h*ll, f*ckin', p*sser. Well, I guess the hells and pisser aren't so bad, but there are some m*therf&ck*rs farther along, too. Although they are part of the plot!

There is a lot of examination values, authority, and boy-girl relationships here, some satirical humor, some tragedy, and I want to say again I enjoyed the book very much.


But rowing, too -- upstream, of course, you always go upstream. I think that's required by the Protestant ethic, using a rowing machine seems very Protestant to me. -- (pg. 72)


I probably widened my eyes a little, looking at the back of my mother's head. Her saying "fucked over" like that, to me, told me she was really concentrating. on the problem we faced, but not on form or the proprieties. As a rule, she doesn't use the f-word, figuratively, while speaking to her impressionable son. -- (pg. 244)


"...After all, the most important thing between two people is the f-word."
"What?" I said. Incredulous. "The f-word?"
"Sure," he said, "the f-word. Faith." -- (pg. 260)


Thorp, Roderick
N.Y. police officer is framed for murdering his brother-in-law. By the author of the book that was made into the movie "Die Hard". Very gritty, not fabulous. Made into a Showtime movie. Read again, I think 8/2002



Thurbers dogs

Thurber, James
Cute doggy drawings and stories about dogs the author has had or known over the years. Good stuff.



The Gangster We Are All Looking For

Thuy, Le Thi Diem
A young Vietnamese refugee comes to San Diego with her father. Too lyrical for my tastes, but I liked parts of it.



Surviving The Applewhites

Tolan, Stephanie
A deliquent juvenile is sent to a family-run private school, a family of very accomplished artistics. Very good. Read 11/2004



The Hobbit

Tolkien, J. R. R.
How many times have I read this since the first time circa 1968? Five? Six? Seven? I may even have read it to my kids, I don't know. Read it again.





A Fraction Of The Whole

Toltz, Steve
A rather amusing tale of an Australian boy, his wacky father, and his criminal brother. And Eddie.


"That's not insect repellent," I said.
"I know. You don't tink I recognize melted chin fat when I see it?" -- pg. 460



A Confederacy Of Dunces

Toole, John Kennedy
Ignatius Reilly vs. New Orleans. Very good!





A Gentleman In Moscow

Towles, Amor
I enjoyed reading about the Count and the women in his life.



Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years

Townsend, Sue
Not as good as the first book, seems to be a lot of British in-jokes.


She said, 'he made love to some of the most beautiful women in the world, so why would he want to hang off a door?' Ivan said, 'Because it's less complicated than having a relationship with a woman. One doesn't have to tell a door twenty times a day that one loves it.



The Fall

Townsend, Tracy
Thieves of Fate #2, pretty good, the story is moving right along, a lot of it takes place in Nippon. Huh, sounds familiar...


"You have this fascination with the word 'we,'" Master Meteron drawled.-- pg. 103



The Nine

Townsend, Tracy
Thieves Of Fate series, book 1. I BOUGHT it because the author was talking about it on the John Scalzi blog. I like fine, let us see where it goes. I was disappointed in the early demise of a character, though.


..."I suppose drinking before breakfast is doctor's orders?"
"I don't have the benefit of a rather generous dose of morphine. So I'm making do, thank you." -pg. 348




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