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Shadow Of The Giant

Card, Orson Scott
Bean and Petra save the world, again, but Bean is dying and they are searching for their lost babies



Shadow Of The Hegemon

Card, Orson Scott
Sequel to Ender's Shadow. Intrigue and politics on Earth. Good story. I cried at the dedication to his son in the Afterword.



Shadow Puppets

Card, Orson Scott
Seventh book of the Ender series. Some pretty sharable dialog. Peter is the Hegemon, Achilles is causing problems, Bean gets married. .




Card, Orson Scott
The Love Song I will never hurt you. I will always help you. If you are hungry I'll give you my food. If you are frightened I am your friend. I love you now, And love does not end. I kept weeping while I read this story. I recommend it and all his books. It reminded me of Le Guin's A Wizard Of Earthsea.



Speaker For The Dead

Card, Orson Scott
Ender goes the planet Lusitania to speak the life of a very cruel father that died. A very moving book, very hard to read with streams of tears flowing.



The Gate Thief

Card, Orson Scott
Book two in the the Mithermages series. Pretty good, almost scared me we were going to lose a favorite character!

The Lost Gate

Card, Orson Scott
First book in the Mither Mages series. Danny North grew up in a compound in Virginia with his extended family who all (mostly) have magical powers. Except he doesn't seem to have any, and is looked down upon by everyone else.





Treasure Box

Card, Orson Scott
Quentin Fears meets and marries a wonderful woman who has a creepy family. Typical Card book, I liked it. Could one say Card is the Stephen King of fantasy?


"Why aren't we drinkers, Quentin? Guys who drink can go to a bar at a time like this." "Is Swenson's open? We can eat a hundred scoops of ice cream and puke in the street." "Well, that's half the fun of drinking, at least."


"I always think of books as being like people," said Sannazzaro. "Even the dull ones are worthy of decent respect, but you don't have to seek them out and spend time with them." "The disadvantage with people," said Quentin,"is you can't put bookmarks in them and set them aside till you want them again."




Card, Orson Scott
The Side-Step Trilogy #1. Laz can side-step into different timelines. Interestingly, he is a clone of the original Laz.


"Where's there a working toilet, they will come," said Ivy.


"Yes, you're both sharp-witted and masters of using scorn as a cudgel," said Laz.



It's A Crime

Carey, Jacqueline
Some accountant goes to jail for fudging the corporate books. Not a BAD book, but the ending was boring. No zinger. Read (lightly) again the next day. I bet this would be funny as a movie. I picture Will being played by the brother on New Adventures Of Old Christine.


In one book, a mystery masquerading as science fiction, future humans snatch people from planes about to crash ... -- (pg. 221) Oh, oh, I know this one! Air Raid, by John Varley!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Mapback (pg. 12) -- Paperback mystery books published by Dell. Had a map on the back cover.
Mansard (pg. 17) -- A type of roof that has two slopes on each of the four sides. Look it up!
Propitiation (pg. 36) -- Turning away of wrath by an offering.
Banguette (pg. 53) -- An upholstered bench. Used three times in story.
Efflorescence (pg. 76) -- One could say blossoming, instead.
Gravitas (pg. 98) -- Dignity, seriousness.
Alice Paul (pg. 101) -- An American suffragist leader.
Unindicted (pg. 115) -- You don't pronounce the "c".
Thuja (pg. 118) -- A type of coniferous tree.
Cardigan (pg. 141) -- A sweater that fastens down the front. I can never remember that!
Cabriole (pg. 165) -- A very curvy kind of furniture leg.
Poussin (pg. 187) -- The painter, the chicken, or Jenny Poussin the body builder? I don't know.
Placket (pg. 188) -- Refers both to a slit in clothing and to layers of fabric which may be used to conceal such a slit. And yet I'm still not sure what it is!
piquant (pg. 194) -- Engagingly provocative.
porte cochere (pg. 196) -- A roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway to shelter those getting into or out of vehicles.
Big bug (pg. 212) -- A wealthy or important person.



The Devil You Know

Carey, Mike
Felix, an exorcist in present day, but slightly different, London, has run-ins with white-slavers, ghosts, archivists, and a succubus. All in a day's work.

Words I Had To Look Up::

snood (pg. 4) --
chiff (pg. 34) --
black sugar paper (pg. 61) --
Ken Wolstenholme's voice (pg. 176) --
the last two syllables of which were "bubble" (pg. 321) -- A word he didn't expect Alice to know?


This lying thing--once you got into it, it was really a fantastic labor-saving device. (pg 232)



The Brainstormers

Carlson editor, Dale Bick
Subtitled: Humorous tales of ingenious American boys. 20 or so stories, of them familiar to me, such as Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, Beverly Clearly's Henry Huggins, Booth Tarkington's Penrod, Robert McCloskey's Homer Price, Keither Robertson's Henry Reed, and Carolyn Haywood's Little Eddie. Some wonderful and charming stories in here.



The Italian Secretary

Carr, Caleb
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson head to Edinburgh, Scotland, at the request of Mycroft Holmes to investigate two murders at Holyrood Palace.



I am alive and you are dead - A journey into the mind of Philip K. Dick

Carrere, Emmanuel
Batshit crazy. That's what I got out of this. Plus, the man was a genius. Too genius for me. The books related by the author sounded way too complicated and boring. I LOVED the short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, hated the movie Total Recall. I haven't read Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, but I loved the movie Blade Runner. For me too the most important thing I got from Casteneda was finding your spot. Highly recommend this if you are a Dick fan.



Punk's War

Carroll, Ward
Story of naval aviation in the Persian Gulf.



Arrest-Proof Yourself

Carson, Dale C.
Good little manual of how NOT to behave like those shirtless white guys on Cops. Should have read this a couple of years ago. The point that the justice system helps keep the poor, well, POOR, though bail, fines, and lawyer costs, was interesting. And more importantly, learning about requesting a Notice To Appear instead of being arrested seems very useful.



All Fall Down

Carter, Ally
"An Embassy Row Novel". Going to be a series, maybe? A teen with many problems is sent to live with her grandfather, the ambassador of the United States, in a probably European country. One her many problems is that she witnessed her mother being murdered several years before, but no one will believe her. Everyone says it was just an accident.



Heat Wave

Castle, Richard
Based on the television series, as a police/action story it is pretty good, but too much smoochie stuff for me.



Black Sand

Caunitz, William J.
Good story of Greek art forgers/smugglers. Greek policeman comes to New York to help our guys. Very interesting stuff about scrolls, Alexander.



Chains Of Command

Caunitz, William J.
Lt. Matthew Stuart of the N.Y. Police Department finds out who is killing drugs dealers.


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