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The Finest Stories Of Sean O'Faolain

O'Faolain, Sean
These are probably perfectly good stories. After all, the guy is famous! They were interesting, but most didn't seem to have a conclusion. New York kind of stories, if ya folla me.

Words I Had To Look Up:

adumbrated (pg. 53) -- To foreshadow, suggest, disclose, or outline partially.
refulgence (pg. 53) -- Shining radiantly; resplendent.
bastable (pg. 75) -- An Irish cooking pot, comprising an iron pot with a lid, handles and three short legs, suspended by chains - Used in (for making bread) or over a turf fire.
presbytery (pg. 83) -- The house of a Roman Catholic parish priest.
sinecure (pg. 95) -- A position or office that requires little or no work but provides a salary.
assizes (-pg. 95) -- One of the periodic court sessions formerly held in each of the counties of England and Wales for the trial of civil or criminal cases.(and Ireland?
jakes (pg. 96) -- A latrine; a privy.
krall (pg. 96) -- A rural village, typically consisting of huts surrounded by a stockade.
sacristan (pg. 107 -- One who is in charge of a sacristy. A sexton.
sigillum (pg. 107) -- A seal. Not the animal kind!.
biretta (pg. 115) -- A stiff cap with ridges across the crown; worn by Roman Catholic clergy.
uremic fits (pg. 160) -- Uremia is a term used to loosely describe the illness accompanying kidney failure.
uncial (pg. 173) -- a style of orthography characterized by somewhat rounded capital letters; found especially in Greek and Latin manuscripts of the 4th to 8th centuries.
rath (pg. 199) -- A walled enclosure in Irish antiquity. A hill or mound (Ireland).
autorail (pg. 215) -- A French railroad vehicle, powered, capable of carrying passengers.
she saw a vis-à-vis crawling shiningly across the place (pg. 217) -- A small horse-drawn carriage for two people sitting facing each other, best I can figure.
Andrew Martins (pg. 225) -- Also andramartins. Irish slang for jokes and tricks, fooling around.
suspiration (pg. 225) -- A long deep breath, maybe a sigh.
scabrous (pg. 298) -- Dealing with scandalous or salacious material.
solus contra mundum (pg. 332) -- Latin, alone against the world.
a` fleur de tête (pg. 343) -- Goggle or cow's eyes.
Crawthumping (pg. 345) -- In Ireland, self-righteous public beating of the breast in a holier-than-thou type of way. An insult.
dolmen (pg. 360) -- A prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone.


"She has great titties, John," said Stevey coarsely, and she slapped his face for that... (pg. 13)


"I believe Lady Godiva rode down Broadway wan time in her skin and everbody ran out in wild exictement to see the white horse. But if that be so what's this I hear about the bishops not wanting to see girls wearing cycling shorts?"
"Who would?" cackled Golden, and they went hard at it. (pg. 338)



Emily, Alone

O'Nan, Stewart
I enjoyed reading this recounting of the daily life of an elderly woman. There were no spaceships or battles, (it is not science-fiction!) just an old lady, a classy lady, examining the meaning of her life as events unfold. To be published March 2011, read the advance uncorrected proof.



Snow Angels

O'Nan, Stewart
Small town lives intertwine, and relationships go bad. Very moving, but the end was unsatisfying, to me. Sounds like the movie is a lot different from the book, but still good. I find I have already read another book by this author, so had to delete original post and add it again under the original author entry. If that makes sense!



Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut

O'Rourke, P.J.
A collection of O'Rourke's writings, from the 70s to the 90s. Lot's of very funny stuff I would like to remember. Especially liked the lacquer amphibians in Mexico story.



Freaky green eyes

Oates, Joyce Carol
Murder mystery story about Franky, a teen girl whose parents are not getting along. Her dad is abusive, but she does not let her self realize this until it is too late. A a bit of coarse language and such. A YA book.




Oliver, Lauren
Love is illegal in future America, and Lena finds she has caught the disease. Recommended for middle school by a parent, I find too many f-bombs, and unnecessary ones at that. Otherwise I would add it to the collection, as it has some good messages.




Oppel, Kenneth
Matt is a cabin boy on an airship and has a great adventure fighting pirates. Very good!




Oppel, Kenneth
Matt has another adventure involving dirigibles, ornithopters, and Kate.



Dear Miss Breed

Oppenheim, Joanne
San Diego children's librarian Clara Breed wrote and sent books to the Japanese-American children that she knew who were removed to the camps during World War II. I like the book, but disagree with her characterization of the camps as 'concentration camps'.



The Library Book

Orlean, Susan
This is the best non-fiction book (that I can remember) that I have ever read. It is about the 80s fire at the Los Angeles Public Library Central, a bit of the history of the Library, and glimpses of the workings.



Cuba 15

Osa, Nancy
Violet is planning for her quinceanera that her abuela insists she should have. Interesting, funny. ALA Notable.



The Bullet That Missed.

Osman, Richard
Another fine entry (#3) in the Thursday Murder Club series.



The Man Who Died Twice

Osman, Richard
Thursday Murder Club #2. Really really good!!!



The Thursday Murder Club

Osman, Richard
I really enjoyed this, so many red herrings! I thought I knew who done it, but each time I was wrong!



MASH: An Army Surgeon In Korea

Otto, Apel
Non-fiction, a U.S. Army surgeon recounts his time in Korea during the war. Very interesting.



Where The Crawdads Sing

Owens, Delia
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very easy to read, which to me means it was very well written. I've read a number of books by famous authors that are very choppy, it's like no one edited them. This flows very nicely. I learned a bit about marshes and North (It WAS North, wasn't it? I always forget!) Carolina. The ending/reveal, though. No spoiler, but I just don't believe it.




Palacio, R. J.
Auggie has been home-schooled up to now, but this semester he going to start fifth grade in a regular school. Well, it's a private school, but it is going to be rough because Auggie has a birth defect that makes him look very scary to children. And adults. A really excellent book, I highly recommend it.



Fight Club

Palahniuk, Chuck
Well, I read it. I didn't much care for it. I don't know what the author is trying to say. I know he is trying to say something, and I respect that, but I'm not getting it.




Paolini, Christopher
A very long book, but not as tedious (in the middle) as I was led to believe. I was not able to discern the tedious part, actually. I've thought the series is rather reminiscent of a poor-man's Tolkien, as it were, but then that makes it more accessible to a younger reader, too. I've certainly enjoyed reading it. There seems to be more humor in this, volume 3 of what is now a "cycle" instead of a trilogy. Or maybe I'm just more sensitive to it. I really enjoy the character of Angela. I wonder if there is any fan fiction about her?

Words I Had To Look Up:

Falchion (pg. 296) -- A type of sword, Google it yourself, but 'ware of story spoilers, do not tread my path, unto your doom!




Paolini, Christopher
Eragon gets a make over.

Bad Words:

"No shit" -- pg 367
"Buggering the king himself" -- pg. 408


"Barges? We don't want no stinking barges!" -- pg. 413


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