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Son of a grifter

Walker, Kent
The authors story of how his mother and brother ended up murdering a woman in New York City. Very interesting, and thanks to Google Earth I could see the foundation of the house mom burnt down in Las Vegas!



Puerto Vallarta Squeeze : (The Run for El Norte)

Waller, Robert James
This guy wrote Bridges Of Madison County. Read Sometime In


Check out these reviewtoids from


"Tremendously poignant portrayal of man-woman relationship" "Pretentiously written, but interesting.... " I agree!!! Especially the TRASH one!!!



Cold Tracks

Wallingford, Lee
Forest Service law enforement officer Frank Carver and his assistant Ginnie Trask work together to solve a murder in Oregon.



From Lance To Landis

Walsh, David
An account of drug use in cycling during the Lance era, with a bit of Landis at the end. Fairly depressing.



The Green Book

Walsh, Jill Eaton
Pattie and her family leave a dying Earth for an uncertain life on a strange planet. Only 69 pages, but a nice story. Although I believe the seasons are caused by the axial tilt of a planet, not so much the orbit.



The Crowfield Curse

Walsh, Pat
William lives at an abbey that took him in after a fire killed his family. He saves a creature from a trap, and discovers there is a whole world of fay creatures living around him. Of course, there comes a great evil that he has to overcome. Does one suppose a sequel is in the works? Good story, very descriptive. I could envision the environs clearly.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Couvre-feu (pg. 9) A utensil for extinguishing the fire in a fireplace when the curfew bell rings. Curfew is derived from curfew bell.



Justin And The Best Biscuits In The World

Walter, Mildred Pitts
Justin goes to visit his grandfather's ranch. A very nice story.



Echoes In The Darkness

Wambaugh, Joseph
True story of murder of schoolteacher and her chiildren in Pennsylvania. Very poignant final paragraphs. Read again

Read Again:


Finnegan's Week

Wambaugh, Joseph
Police story takes place in San Diego. Stolen shoes, toxic waste, very excellent story.



Hollywood Station

Wambaugh, Joseph
Entertaining tales of police officers and the characters they deal with. Favorite character was Olive. Glad to see that she got out from under and did ok.









Seal Team Six: Memoirs Of An Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

Wasdin, Horward E.
Interesting story, but it is very choppy. Sometimes I was confused by what was happening. Being rather prejudiced about chiropractic, I was interested to see how and why he became a chiropractor. A very comprehensive glossary is included!



So Far From The Bamboo Grove

Watkins, Yoko Kawashima
A Japanese girl and her family, living in Korea, escape back to Japan at the end of World War II.

I read this because it had been challenged on historical accuracy. I say, it's the recollections of an eight-year-old girl, novelized. More violence than I expected.



This Side Of Home

Watson, Renee
An African-American high school girl in Portland (Oregon) deals with various complications and changes in her life. Interesting story, made slightly more so because I am vaguely familiar with some of the locales mentioned. My overall impression of the books was, "smooth story", what ever that means!




Watson, Sally
Linnet is quite the teen in 16th century London. Kidnapped by a master criminal, she helps foil a plot to overthrow the queen. Is there a sequel?

Words I Had To Look Up:

kynchin morts. A kinchin is a young child. Kinchin morts are young girls-- orphans, beggers. Kinchin coves are young boys.




Watts, Peter
Spaceship goes to some place to investigate source of messages to some place else where probably some probes came from that scared everyone on Earth. I got the impression Humans were all gonna die, at the end. Maybe I'm wrong.

Words I Had To Look Up:

sieverts (pg. 205) -- An SI unit for the dosage of ionizing radiation equal to 100 rems
crypsis (pg. 225) -- n ecology, crypsis is the ability of an organism to avoid observation or detection by other organisms.
diel cycle (pg. 280) -- Involving a 24-hour period that usually includes a day and the adjoining night


"Well, according to game theory, you should never tell anyone when your birthday is."
"I don't follow"
"It's a lose-lose proposition. There's no winning strategy."
"What do you mean strategy? It's a birthday."

(pg. 83)



A Beautiful Friendship

Weber, David
Star Kingdom #1. Stephanie discovers the People, makes friends with one of them. Great friends!



A Call To Duty

Weber, David
With Timothy Zahn, Thomas Pope. Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant #1. Travis Uriah Long joins the Royal Manticoran Navy. Pretty good, may be more Zahn than Weber.



A New Clan

Weber, David
Star Kingdom #4. I must admit I read the last chapter too quickly and too late at night (or rather, too early in the morning) so I really don't get the "New Clan" part. So I shall have to read that chapter again. I did like the adventuresome story, though.



Ashes Of Victory

Weber, David
Honor Harrington #9. Honor is back from the prison planet Hell.



Echoes Of Honor

Weber, David
Book 8 in the series. Honor is executed by the Peeps. Wait, no she isn't. I didn't bookmark any memorable dialog, but I found this one to be maybe my favorite book so far.


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