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Valor's Trial

Huff, Tanya
The Gunnery Sergeant ends ends up in some sort of prison-place, with no memory of how she got there, and just who is she a prisoner of? Lots of action! A shame I can't remember the previous three books in the series that I read in 2007!



A Crack In The Sky

Hughes, Mark Peter
Eli lives in a domed city in the not-too-distant future when most of the planet is suffering the ravages of global warming. Map and diagram are illuminating, and the author's notes on his research, science fact, and the parts he fictionalized, are useful, along with a bibliography. I thought the 'vision' of a ecological savior parts were too un-scientific, but it was a good adventure. I especially like the character Marilyn. Talk about unconditional love!



The Glitch In Sleep

Hulme, John, and Michael Wexler
This is the first book of The Seems series. Becker is twelve, becomes a Fixer. Pretty good stuff, nice illustrations, interesting references. I am looking forward to book two.


"Crates, bags...all stacked on giant palettes..." -- (pg. 32) Pallets?



The Chicken Asylum

Hunter, Fred
A gay spy novel. Doesn't grab me, although the last line is intriguing.



High-Risk Robots

Hyland, Tony
Lots of neat-o pictures, but it mentions medical robots in the introduction but does not follow through with any information!



Dangerous Schools

Hyman, Irwin
Tells why paddling and other displinary methods are abusive. A very interesting book. .



PC Roadkill

Hyman, Michael
Anecdotel history of the computer industry. Pretty interesting.



The Island Of The Aunts

Ibbotson, Eva
Two children are kidnapped and taken to an island of strange creatures. Very good.



The Secret Of Platform 13

Ibbotson, Eva
A very good story about an island missing its prince. For some reason I thought it was about an oil platform, but it is not!



Which Witch?

Ibbotson, Eva
The wizard Arriman The Awful decides to take a wife, but she must be the blackest of the black witches. He hold a contest among the local witches, the most proficient gets to be his wife. Belladonna, a beautiful girl, falls in love with him, but how can she, a white witch, win a contest of the black arts?



Cider House Rules

Irving, John
Took me a long time to read, but it was pretty darn good. I bet this would make a good movie!



High school confidential

Iversen, Jeremy
Twenty-something preppy Stanford grad poses as high school student in Orange County to get the goods. Nothing new here, as far as I can see. Only touching moment, for me, was when Cody didnt beat the crap out of Aram at Disneyland. Book was recommended by a friend.



Burl Ives' Tales Of America

Ives, Burl
A Discarded Books selection. Only two checkouts in forty years. So I read it. Some pretty good stories in here, but I was uncomfortable with the one about minstrel shows. Are they PC? Do I have White guilt?

Smoke Quote::

"I am glad to see," said Penn, "that you are ashamed of that vile habit."
"Not at all," said a Friend, "we only lay down our pipes lest we should affend a weak brother."

Words I Had To Look Up:

the bed...undoubtedly used by Lafitte as a caprice (pg. 141) -- Acquired as an impulse?
kennebecker (pg. 265) -- A valise for clothes which Maine lumbermen take with them into the wood
bedcats (pg. 264) -- I thought it might be s reference to bedbugs, but I guess it is cats that hangout in the bunkroom. There is a traditional Paul Bunyan tale titles "The Bedcats" that I see referenced on the web. No definitions, though. I guess it is just common knowledge!



Building The Ultimate Dam

Jackson, Donald C.
The story of John Eastwood, dambuilder, who designed the Lake Hodges and Lake Murray dams in San Diego, among others. Extremely interesting, profusely footnoted.



Raising Demons

Jackson, Shirley
I do not know how this is not already in here as I have read it AT LEAST three times! Well, I read it again. Absolutely charming!





We have always lived in the castle

Jackson, Shirley
Jackson's last book, I understand. Mary Katherine Blackwood lives in a big old house with her sister Constance and her Uncle Julian. Her parents are dead (and her younger brother and Aunt), and her sister was tried for the crime and found not guilty.


"No, no." Constance caught me by the arm. "Not until I've washed the napkins; what would she think of me? "



The Narnian

Jacobs, Alan
A biography of C.S. Lewis. I fought my way through this for three weeks. It is pretty good, but very hard for my little brain to comprehend. I felt I was that putting forth the effort to understand what the author had spent so much energy creating. I feel bad about that, but it's certainly not the first time! The last two chapters went very well, and I was in tears at the end.



Skyship Academy

James, Nick
Volume one of The Pearl Wars. Engaging story of foundling recruited to travel to the surface of Earth to acquire the "Pearls" that are used to power technology.



The Broken Kingdoms

Jemisin, N. K.
Book two of the trilogy, it takes place ten years later with a different main character, a blind woman named Oree. It was pretty good, then it got a whole lot better at the end.



The City We Became

Jemisin, N. K.
First book in series. The city of New York is under attack and the avatars of the borough (who didn't know they were the avatars of the boroughs) work together (mostly) to repel the Enemy. Pretty good, and certainly different!


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