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Turtle In Paradise

Holm, Jennifer L.
Turtle, an eleven-year-old girl, is sent by her mother to stay with her aunt who lives in Key West. Takes place in 1935, so everyone is poor. Except for the people her mother is a housekeeper for. Good story, no magical ending, though.



Slake's Limbo

Holman, Felice
Teen boy Aremis Slake runs away from his awful life to live in the New York subway. Pretty good book!

Words I Had To Look Up:

...he turned up such a surprising amount of trash, truck, and treasure... (pg. 62) -- Worthless goods; stuff or rubbish. I remember this word from my elementary school reader, and I've always like it!



Operation YES

Holmes, Sara Lewis
Bo's dad is commander of an Air Force Base. His new sixth-grade teacher teaches the class improv. His cousin Gari comes to live with them when her mother is sent to the middle east. Good story. How come whenever there is a kid who dad is in the military, dad is the commander of the base?


Oh, Winn-Dixie, thought Miss Candy. We're in for it now. (pg. 147)



Holt Anthology Of Science Fiction

Holt, Holt
Stories by authors such as Simak, Yolen, Le Guin, and even Robert Louis Stevenson.



When Zachary Beaver Came To Town

Holt, Kimberly Willis
Toby and Cal visit "The Fattest Boy In The World" when he is stuck in their small Texas town.



Claudette Colvin : Twice Toward Justice

Hoose, Phillip
Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin, a teen in Montgomery, Alabama, who wouldn't give up her bus seat to a white person.



Courage & Defiance

Hopkinson, Deborah
Non-fiction about the resistance in Denmark during WWII against the German occupation.



Pemrose Lorry, Radio Amateur

Hornibrook, Isabel
A Project Gutenberg e-book, a group of Campfire Girls go on a camping trip. Mysterious things happen. Horses are ridden. Fires are put out. Radio stuff comes into play. VERY flowery language, but then it's a from 1923.


"Then--be a dear boy and do this for me," Pemrose looked up at him, sidelong, coaxingly; "loop this aerial around that tree." -- Is that a pun?



Magpie Murders

Horowitz, Anthony
A book within a book, or outside it, or something. Two books, with various murders, or not murders, intertwined. Very good, I though.



Moonflower Murders

Horowitz, Anthony
Pretty convulsed story for the likes of me, I had no idea how it was going to turn out!




Horowitz, Anthony
First in the Alex Rider series, teen Alex is recruited to save the world, or at least the U.K., from free poison computers. Quite a lot of graphic violence, I thought, for a teen book. Get off my lawn, you kids!



The Falcon's Malteser

Horowitz, Anthony
A thirteen-year-old lad and his somewhat dim older brother run a rather unsuccessful detective agency. Somewhat bloody for middle school, I thought. But then, thousands are killed in The Lord Of The Rings.



Science fiction, best of the year 2006

Horton, Rich
Rich Horton edited this collection of sixteen stories. There is a story by Joe Haldeman, but my favorite was The Fate Of Mice by Susan Palwick.



Everthing On A Waffle

Horvath, Polly
Primrose lives in a small fishing village in Canada. Her parents are lost in a storm, but she never gives up believing they are still alive. Several interesting recipes. Cherry Pie Pork chops sounds the best!



The Kite Runner

Hosseini., Khaled
A series of staggeringly brutal events recounted by a man from Afghanistan. I can't say I would care to see the movie, but I do feel like going kite flying.



Adventures of Blue Avenger

Howe, Norma
David (Blue Avenger!) grapples with questions of life and love. Really good. The "s" word comes up in a hilarious classroom discussion of vocabulary.



Read Again:


Blue Avenger and the Theory of Everything

Howe, Norma
Blue has to decide whether to fund PBS in broadcasting Fawlty Towers to a new generation of viewers, or help his girlfriend pay the rent. He makes the right choice!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Running-head (pg. 84) -- Text that appears in the top margin.
Contumacious (pg. 100) -- Willfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient.


On several occasions car doors had opened unexpectedly while he was riding past, but this was the first time the door was attached to a Mercedes 500 SLC. I must be coming up in the world, he thought wryly, and it's about time.



Blue Avenger Cracks the Code

Howe, Norma
Blue goes to Venice, so does Oxford, and Omaha went to Rome.


Blue was about to explain that a kilo was equal to a little orver two pounds, but since no one asked him, he just let it go. (pg. 225)



Drive Like Hell

Hudgens, Dallas
15 year old Luke lives in Georgia in the 1970's and likes to drive fast and smoke weed. Pretty good, funny



Dear Mr. President

Hudson, Gabe
A collection of stories mostly having the first Iraq War as a theme. Thought it was going to be humorous, wasn't. A couple of stories were interesting, but not really my cuppa.


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