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The Great Alone

Hannah, Kristin
A dysfunctional family whose dad has a violent abusive streak move to the wilds of Alaska in 1971. Pretty good.



Ida B

Hannigan, Katherine
A young Wisconsin farm girl deals with her mother's health problems and changes in her life. Very good.



True (...Sort Of)

Hannigan, Katherine
Delly is always in trouble, at home and at school. She meets a strange girl named Ferris Boyd. Very good story!



The Red House On The Hill

Hard, Louise Fulton
The author tells of her life growing up in the are of San Marcos in San Diego County back in the early part of the twentieth century. A charming little book!




Harland, Richard
Col has his eyes opened to reality on the juggernaut Worldshaker when the Filthies plot revolution and he becomes enamored of their leader.



Cat Scratch Fever

Harper, Tara K.
The title irritates me. And the jacket illustration. I've read this book before, and since I had nothing else to read, I read it again. It's ok, but I did not feel that I cared for any of the characters. I don't know what the Author's Note had to do with THIS book, either. The author sounds like she would be a very interesting person to hang out with.


His hands were large and roughly calloused, and they stroked her with a gentleness that made her burn. She made an odd sound. -- pg. 301. Oh, I bet she did!



Shakespeare's Landlord

Harris, Charlaine
Housecleaner Lily Bard looks into the murder of the landlord next door, who was dumped into HER trashcan!



Pushing Up Daisies

Harris, Rosemary
Landscaper Paula Holliday finds box containing a small body buried in the garden she is renovating. Not overly complicated, but a fun and interesting read.



The Stainless Steel Rat Joins The Circus

Harrison, Harry
The Rat is hired to look for a interplanetary bank robber. .



Pale Demon

Harrison, Kim
Rachel has to travel to San Francisco to proclaim her innocence for using black magic.

I wanted to stop reading around twenty, but I kept on reading and stuck it out to the end. Part of the problem is I am not really interested in witchy stuff. I got interested around page two-hundred and ninety-something, at the coven meeting in San Fran.

I think one needs to start with the first book. There was a LOT of background story that I needed to understand who and what was going on. I read the uncorrected proof edition.



San Diego Noir

Hart, Maryjane, editor
Noir mystery stories set in San Diego, ain't that sweet?



Stories of the Early West

Harte, Bret
Several stories of the Gold Rush days in California. I thought they would be funny, but they wuz mostly kinder sad. I "don't get" the ending of M'liss. Who was "J.S."? The mother? Was the schoolmaster in on it?

Words I Had To Look Up:

homely catafalque (pg. 56) -- A decorated platform or framework on which a coffin rests in state during a funeral.
Lethean stream (pg. 62) -- A river in Hades whose waters cause drinkers to forget their past.
propitiatory smile (pg. 70) --Having the power to gain or regain the favor or goodwill.
levanting together (pg. 78) -- To leave hurriedly or in secret to avoid unpaid debts.
tessellated pine boughs (pg. 100) -- Having a checkered or mottled appearance. Word traced back to 1695.
gamboge streak (pg. 177) -- A gum resin used as a yellow pigment and a purgative.
caprid origin (pg. 231) -- Pertaining to the Goat family.
auriferous earth (pg. 234) -- Containing gold.
jimp waist (pg. 316) -- Neat; trim; delicate; slender, etc.
illimitable prospect (pg. 330) -- Without limits in extent or size or quantity.
Pactolian resouces (pg. 335) -- Pertaining to the Pactolus, a river in ancient Lydia famous for its golden sands.
philippic (pg. 341) -- tirade: a speech of violent denunciation I always thought this was in the lyrics of "Monkey Man", by the detested Rolling Stones, but I guess I am wrong. Again.
saleratus in that bread (pg. 347) -- Baking soda. mysteries of the semicuacua, a somewhat corybantic dance (pg. 350) -- Frenetic, ecstatic and orgiastic.
the Encinal (pg. 351) -- Translates as Live Oak grove. What Harte called Oakland.
a quinsy to the death (pg. 379) -- Pus-filled inflamation of the throat.
Lares and penates (pg. 390) -- The household gods of the ancient Romans.
chirographical (pg. 392) == Handwriting, penmanship.
preternaturally (pg. 408) -- Exceeding what is natural or regular.
opprobrious (pg. 411) -- Expressing contemptuous reproach; scornful or abusive.
infelix (pg. 411) -- Unhappy.
Borrioboola-Gha (pg. 417) -- From Dickens' Bleak House.
petriaction (pg. 449) -- The process of turning some plant material into stone.
febrile (pg. 454) -- Of or relating to or characterized by fever.
fidus Achaetes (pg. 465) -- Faithful Achates : trusty friend.
billet-duxis (pg. 505) -- Billet doux, a love letter.




The Christmas dawn came slowly after, touching the remoter peaks with the rosy warmth of ineffable love. And it looked so tenderly on Simpson's Bar that the whole mountain as if caught in a generous action, blushed to the skies.

Christmas Forever

Hartwell, David G., ed.
Science Fiction stories related to Christmas.




Hassman, Tupelo
I thought this was a light-hearted comedy about a girl name Rory and her adventures as a Girl Scout. I was wrong. So very very wrong.


Maybe Mrs. Reddick was a Girl Scout before Dewey hid her away in the stacks and his decimals took over her life. -- pg. 44



The Boy And The Samurai

Haugaard, Erik Christian
An orphan in 18th century Japan helps rescue the hostage wife of a samurai.




Hautman, Pete
Jason chaffs at his Catholicism, starts his own joke religion worshiping a water tower. Good story.




Hautman, Pete
Teen Doug is kind of a strange guy. Girls think he is creepy, he is building a replica of the Golden Gate bridge for his HO model railroad, guys beat him up. But, at least he has his best friend, neighbor Andy Morrow, who is the high school football star, right? Right?




Hautman, Pete
In this novel from the YA section of the library, In 2070 Bo gets sent to a youth correctional facility where the inmates make pizza for a corporation. The warden enlists him on the illegal football team.



Short Money

Hautman, Pete
Officer Joe Crow drinks too much and does too much cocaine. So does his wife. He gets fired, the Murphy kid runs away, there is some confusion about a pedophile, several people get shot, some die, and a bunch of animals get shot and die. And we find out how Joe came by the pink Jaguar. Some pretty funny stuff here.


Amanda Murphy had no illusions about the quality of her cooking...Her apple pie, for instance. The bottom crust was half an inch think, charred on the bottom and slimy on top, covered with a loose layer of oversweet apples....
"Great pie, Mandy."...
Anyway, it was nutritious. A pie that weighted that much had to have some good in it. Amanda cut herself a small slice, helped it along with a glass of bourbon-spiked Pepsi. (pg. 191)




Haynes, Mary
Step-dad's particle physics infernal device changes book words. Interesting. Map.


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