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The Island Of The Aunts

Ibbotson, Eva
Two children are kidnapped and taken to an island of strange creatures. Very good.



The Secret Of Platform 13

Ibbotson, Eva
A very good story about an island missing its prince. For some reason I thought it was about an oil platform, but it is not!



Which Witch?

Ibbotson, Eva
The wizard Arriman The Awful decides to take a wife, but she must be the blackest of the black witches. He hold a contest among the local witches, the most proficient gets to be his wife. Belladonna, a beautiful girl, falls in love with him, but how can she, a white witch, win a contest of the black arts?



Cider House Rules

Irving, John
Took me a long time to read, but it was pretty darn good. I bet this would make a good movie!



High school confidential

Iversen, Jeremy
Twenty-something preppy Stanford grad poses as high school student in Orange County to get the goods. Nothing new here, as far as I can see. Only touching moment, for me, was when Cody didnt beat the crap out of Aram at Disneyland. Book was recommended by a friend.



Burl Ives' Tales Of America

Ives, Burl
A Discarded Books selection. Only two checkouts in forty years. So I read it. Some pretty good stories in here, but I was uncomfortable with the one about minstrel shows. Are they PC? Do I have White guilt?

Smoke Quote::

"I am glad to see," said Penn, "that you are ashamed of that vile habit."
"Not at all," said a Friend, "we only lay down our pipes lest we should affend a weak brother."

Words I Had To Look Up:

the bed...undoubtedly used by Lafitte as a caprice (pg. 141) -- Acquired as an impulse?
kennebecker (pg. 265) -- A valise for clothes which Maine lumbermen take with them into the wood
bedcats (pg. 264) -- I thought it might be s reference to bedbugs, but I guess it is cats that hangout in the bunkroom. There is a traditional Paul Bunyan tale titles "The Bedcats" that I see referenced on the web. No definitions, though. I guess it is just common knowledge!


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