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What Distant Deeps

Drake, David
Daniel Leary finds a plot at Zenobia. Eighth book in the series



Copper Sun

Draper, Sharon
An African girl is kidnapped by slavers and hauled off to the Carolinas, ends up being purchased as a gift for the master's son. Eventually she escapes to Spanish Florida.



The Battle Of Jericho

Draper, Sharon
High school teen wants to join an exclusive club, hazing leads to tragic end. A cautionary tale. Depressing, too.



So You Want To Be A Wizard

Duane, Dianne
Hey, I read this before, why isn't it in here? Oh, must have been before 1998. Well, I read it again, it is still cute. Girl escaping bullys find refuge in the library, discovers book about becoming a wizard, does so.



Pantoms In The Snow

Duble, Kathleen Benner
Noah, an newly-orphaned fifteen-year-old, is sent to live with the uncle he has never met. Uncle is a soldier stationed at Ft. Hale, Colorado, where he is part of the winter-warfare "ski" soldiers known as the "Phantoms". Good story, Noah's pacifistic upbringing causes him some conflict as he goes through training. Good story! Uhh, that should be "Phantoms"...



My Friends The Misses Kindness

Duncan, Jane
Janet takes a boat trip back home to Scotland after her husband passes away. She meets three sisters (triplets)who are the life of the ship. They think. The colorful book jacket led me to believe this book would be a humerous tale. Made me think of a Readers Digest Condensed Books story titled Warm Bodies by Donald R. Morris. Except that the Morris book is about the Navy.The book Im thinking of was about a doctor on a cruise ship. But I digress. As I was saying, it is not. Humerous, that is. It IS one of the last of around 25 books the author wrote before she passed away. They were rather popular in the day, there are several web sites and a Wikipedia article devoted to her.



A Gift Of Magic

Duncan, Lois
Read this before, read it again. Teen Nancy and he family, minus dad, move to Florida, for what will be and extended stay. Without dad, she leans, as her parents are getting divorced. The last line brought many tears.




Duncan, Lois
Fictionography of Peggy Shippen, wife of Benedict Arnold. She comes off as a bit of a ball-buster.



The Bookman's Wake

Dunning, John
Book seller traces fine press edition of The Raven. Read sometime in the past.


No date

The City Of Ember

DuPrau, Jeanne
Two teens live in decaying city and think there must be a way to fix things. Enjoyable kids story. Has a map!





The Diamond Of Darkhold

DuPrau, Jeanne
Good finale to the series. Lina and Doon go back to Ember to see if they can find food and supplies to help the people of Sparks make it through the winter.



The People Of Sparks

DuPrau, Jeanne
Lina and Doon and the people of Ember escape the dying underground city and end up on the surface in the town of Sparks.



The Prophet Of Yonwood

DuPrau, Jeanne
Third book in series, pretty good, not what I expected!



Dutch Uncle

Durham, Marilyn
A gambler, Jake Hollander, acquires two orphans he must supervise on their way to a New Mexico mining town. He is coerced into staying at the town for a month as the town marshal, by the town's newspaper publisher, a "friend" from the past, and the man's sister, a former romantic interest, we surmise. Found this on the Book Exchange shelf at school. Won't be going back, too much cussin'!



Flight Toward Home

Ecke, Wolfgang
Story of Peter attempting to cross the border to West Germany just after World War II. Not written in an especially exciting manner, it is based on a true story, and was a very popular radio drama in Europe. More of a documentical drama. A Withdrawn book.



The Name Of The Rose

Eco, Umberto
A monk (I think) investigates goings-on at an abbey. I feel badly I was not able to give this book its just due. Took me two weeks to get through it as it was!



The Monuments Men

Edsel, Robert M.
With Bret Witter. Nonfiction story of the military unit tasked with recovering and preserving works of art that had been stolen or damaged, or might be damaged by the allies, even. Good story! A movie was based more or less on the book.



A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius

Eggars, Dave
Wierd bio-stream of con. story.



Scones And Sensibility

Eland, Lindsay
Polly is quite obsessed with Anne Of Green Gables and Pride And Prejudice. She tries to manipulate everyone's love life, to great disaster.


"You wanna cookie, Polly?" (pg. 297)



Dead Men's Hearts

Elkins, Aaron
Gideon and Julie travel to Egypt while he narrates a documentary.

Words I Had To Look Up:

affectation (pg. 46) -- The act of taking on or displaying an attitude or mode of behavior not natural to oneself or not genuinely felt.

we're not looking for 'Ozymandias' here (pg. 84) -- Poem by Shelley having to do with Egypt.

res gestae (pg. 90) -- Latin for "things done".

Quote: a workman who was serenely pruning a leggy hibiscus trellised along an archway... (pg. 175) -- The world "Hibiscus" was crossed out and "boug." penciled in. I guess someone thought a bougainvillea would be more likely to be on a trellis than a hibiscus. And from my research, I agree. But exactly is a "leggy" hibiscus?


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