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Dragon And Soldier

Zahn, Timothy
Jack joins a mercenary group to get information about who betrayed the K'da,



Dragon And Thief

Zahn, Timothy
Teen jack Morgan is on the lam, meets up with an alien warrior. They team up to right some wrongs. Good stuff.



Read Again:


The green and the gray

Zahn, Timothy
Two groups of "aliens" are facing off in New York City when a Human couple get involved.



The Icarus Hunt

Zahn, Timothy
Jordan McKell is hired to pilot a strange starship to Earth.




Zevin, Gabrielle
A somewhat pissed-off fifteen-almost-sixteen-year-old Liz wakes up on a very odd cruised ship with no memory of how she got there. A charming, funny, and sometimes sad story of an afterlife. Big weeps, for me, near the end.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Palimpsest (pg. 242)-- Writing material used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased. The text refers to the remains of a wine bottle label. From a Greek/Latin words meaning scraped again, so maybe the author means a more literal sense.


How long does a dream have to last before it's just life? (pg. 23)




Zimmerman, Keith
Subtitle: The Explosive Truth Behind 30 of the Most Perplexing Urban Legends of All. Very interesting, but hard to read. Small type, odd sentence construction, some conflicting information. Worth the read.



The Book Thief

Zusak, Markus
Small girl is sent to live with foster parents during World War II in Germany. Narrated by Death.


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