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The Great Greene Heist

Johnson, Varian
A good conjob story has always been enjoyable, and a bit of humor heops. I didn't laugh out loud until page 133, but I enjoyed reading this very much.





Bone By Bone By Bone

Johnston, Tony
David's father, a racist doctor in 1960s (cit. needed) Tennessee, inspires love and hate in his son. Some story incidents inspired by author's father, she says she does not apologize for the sometimes strong language, as it was how her father expressed himself. I paraphrase. The "N" word is used often, too.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Miss Grace was in a real swivet (pg. 75) -- A state of extreme agitation.




Jones, Carrie
Bad Pixies are abducting teens in Bedford, Maine. Zara, now a good Pixie, formerly a human, battles to protect the humans while trying to find the way to Vahalla to bring back her love Nick.

I think the reason I didn't really care for this book is the same reason I didn't really care for the Kim Harrison book I read the other week. They were not written for the likes of me! They are for girls! And again, this is the third book in the series, so if you start here you are missing a lot of back story.

I read the Advance Uncorrected Proof edition.



Castle in the air

Jones, Diana Wynne
Abdullah yearns for a bride, the princess Flower-In-The-Night, as it turns out. Sophie and Lettie and Howl eventurally turn up, after 176 pages, more or less.




Jones, Diana Wynne
The Dog Star Sirius is sent to Earth, in dog form, as punishment. He become the pet of an Irish girl who is living with her awful English aunt while her father is in prison. One of the best books I have ever read, of its kind! I am still choked up an hour after finishing it.

Words I Had To Look Up:

viridian (pg. 1) -- A chrome green pigment that is a hydrated oxide of chromium.
Zoi (pg. 2) -- Probably an invented term, refers to an object of power. Possibly inspired by borzoi dogs?
effulgence (pg. 2) -- A state of being bright and radiant, splendor, brilliance..
eughky (pg. 12) -- "I still have dry and (a very technical term) eughky ends" from
sloven (pg. 18) -- A coarse obnoxious person.
quaint and knowing (pg. 52) -- Marked by beauty or elegance. I figured the author was using a different meaning!
sluttish (pg. 54) -- A saucy girl. Yet another different meaning..
couchant (pg. 129) -- Lying on the stomach with head raised with legs pointed forward.
empyrean (pg. 255) -- Of or relating to the sky or heavens.
Melpomene (pg. 260) -- The Muse of tragedy.


He remembered that his Companion had tried to use the Zoi on him. (pg. 169) Wait, what??



House Of Many Ways

Jones, Diana Wynne
The sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, it says. I thought that other book was the sequel. Charmain goes to house-sit for her magician uncle while he gets cured by the elves of a mysterious ailment. Sophie and Howl show up eventually.



Howls moving castle

Jones, Diana Wynne
Sophie is turned old by a wicked witch, moves in with wizard. Just when you think you know where the story is going, everything changes.



The Acorn People

Jones, Ron
The author writes of his time as a summer camp counselor for handicapped children. Short, but moving.



Starship Titanic

Jones, Terry
In the introduction Douglas Adams tells how he came up with the Starship Titanic idea, but didn't have time to write the novel as he was involved with the video game.

So anyway, this big space ship lands on a rectory on Earth and picks up three people (and leaves one being behind), and there's a bomb on the spaceship, and alien/human sex, and the "f" word. And everyone is pretty happy at the end.


"I mean a transportation system with an average speed of just above stationary is not really a transportation system at all!"..."It's more like a storage system!" -- pg. 225



The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry

Joyce, Rachel
An elderly man (A young fella, around my age) uncharacteristically goes on a walk the length of England to visit a dying co-worker that he has not seen in many years. A whole lot of weeps at the end.


"I miss her all the time. I know in my head that she has gone, but I still keep looking. [...] It's like discovering a great hole in the ground. To begin with, you forget it's there and you keep falling in. After a while, it's still there, but you learn to walk around it." -- page 210

Cover The Butter

Kabak, Carrie
With a pastel-ly cover I knew this was going to be a chick book. Good story of a woman in the UK recounting the travails of growing up, her love/hate relationship with her mother, and her relationships with men. Good thing she learned how to cook, it turns out. Good reviews on Amazon, too.



Cracker! The best dog in Vietnam

Kadohata, Cynthia
Rick joins the army and becomes a dog handler. His dog was donated to the army by a young boy named Willie. Rick and Cracker are sent to Vietnam. Good story, I was in tears for the last third of the book. I'm glad the book has a happy ending, because for most of these animals, it was not.



Blood and rubles

Kaminsky, Stuart
Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov and an FBI agent investigate a kidnapping.


"Why do you like doing this?" the girl asked as they put the tools away and cleaned up the mess they had made.
"This is very simple. The work I do as a policeman is very complicated," he said.
"Because I must deal with people, and people are seldom simply good or bad. It is rare for a policeman to be able to fix a problem. One problem creates another one. It doesn't end, and when it does, the end is not simple and the system is not working any better. Does this make sense?"
"A little," she said. "It's like what happened to my grandmother."
"Yes," said Rostnikov. "When I fix plumbing, I search for the problem, find it, repair it, and receive the gratitude of those who live with the system. Like this leak."



People Who Walk In Darkness

Kaminsky, Stuart
Rostikov heads to Siberia to investigate the murder of a Canadian geologist in a diamond mine. Other members of the team are in Kiev, and of course, Moscow. Diamond smuggling is the theme.

Words I Had To Look Up:

...permafrosted to a depth of 4,760 feet. (pg. 110) -- I didn't know permafrost went down that deep. Wow!
...whether she was twitting him. (pg. 178) -- To taunt, ridicule, or tease, especially for embarrassing mistakes or faults.



Smart Moves

Kaminsky, Stuart
P.I. Toby Peters is hired by Albert Eistein to find out who his threatening him and Paul Robeson.



Terror town

Kaminsky, Stuart
Abe Lieberman looks for the killer of an African-American woman, Bill is being stalked by a crazy guy.



You Bet Your Life

Kaminsky, Stuart
P.I. Toby Peters is hired by Chico Marx to find out who is trying to rip him off.



A Whisper To The Living

Kaminsky, Stuart M.
What may be the last Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov book as the author passed away in 2009, I find. There's a serial killer in a park, and there's a boxer accused of murdering his wife and his sparring partner. Elena and Iosef get married!



Always Say Goodbye

Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Fifth of the Lew Fornesca series. Lew leaves Florida to go back to Chicago to find out who killed his wife several years ago. Good stuff.



Bright Futures

Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Lew Fonesca is hired to prove that a teen didn't kill a guy everyone hated who was trying to shut down the local high school for gifted students. The Dairy Queen is closed; Lew moves AND buys a car for sixty-six bucks. Victor goes home, too. A small quibble with "twelve hundred years" and "twelve hundred centuries" on page seven, but I'll get over it.


There were consequences, but there was the promise of windmills. (pg. 146)


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