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Death Of A Village

Beaton, M.C.
Hamish investigates the mysterious happenings at the village of Stoyne, where the villager are hostile and standoffish, even for Scots! Chust kidding! Lots goes on in this one. Hamish pisses off Elsbeth continously. Must be love!



Death Of A Witch

Beaton, M.C.
What a lot of cranky people live in Hamish Macbeth's little village Loehdubh. Hamish is unsuccessful on his Spanish vacation, and he returns to find an unpleasant woman has moved into the village. But not for long, as somewhat murders her. Hamish sure has a mixed-up love life, I swear. But I actually laughed out loud at the conclusion, something I rarely do, especially in this series!



Death Of An Addict

Beaton, M.C.
Hamish Macbeth investigates the death of an former junkie. Good story, I think best of the series so far, somewhat disturbing ending should lead to developments in later books.



Death Of An Honest Man

Beaton, M.C.
Every character in this series has some sort of irritating flaw. Are people in real life like this?



Death Of An Outsider.

Beaton, M.C.
Hamish Macbeth substitues for a vacationing constable in a neighboring village and investigates a case of witchcraft. .



The Skeleton In The Closet

Beaton, M.C.
Fellworth Dolphin and his friend Maggie find out where the money came from that he inherited from his parents in this English village mystery.


Maggie should stay plain Maggie and not go around flaunting her bosoms in a slinky black dress.



Stop Being Mean To Yourself

Beattie, Melody
Melody travels to Africa on her journey to self-awaremenss, or something... Touch-feely new age stuff.



Best American Short Stories 1987

Beattie, editor, Ann
Twenty short stories, most of which I didn't care for. I guess my expectations for stories is somewhat juvenile, I need a satisfying conclusion.


S. Sontag The Way We Live Now --Unreadable.

J. Updike The Afterlife -- Pointless.

C. Nova, The Prince -- Better, but still boring.

E. Tallent Favor -- Meh.

M. Gallant Kingdom Come -- Boring.

S Miller The Lover Of Women -- Not bad.

M. S. Bell The Lie Detector -- Huh.

A. Munro Circle Of Prayer -- Not bad, till the end.

L. K. Abbott Dreams Of Distant Lives -- Boring boring.

R. Lombreglia Men Under Water -- I liked it!

R. Carver Boxes -- Ok, except for the end.

B. Mukherjee The Tenant -- Beginning OK, but poor ending.

J. Williams The Blue Men -- Weird!

K. Haruf Private Debts-Public Holdinds -- Now THAT is a story!!!

C Baxter How I Found My Brother -- Interesting ship model stuff, but otherwise...

T. Wolfe The Other Miller -- OK, till end, redux. FYI, it is not Tom Wolfe, it is Tobias.

R. Taylor, Jr. Lady Of Spain -- Huh.

D. Stern The Interpretation Of Dreams by Sigmund Freud: A Story -- Much promise, what with the squirrel, but...

R. Carlson Milk -- Ending OK.

T. O'Brien The Things They Carried -- Much hope for this, but only OK.


Steve, who also worked at the Orange Julius stand, said that if he ever had the chance, he would be in that back seat in a jiffy. I feared for his soul, but suspected that he wasn't as likely as I was to be put to the test. -- from Lady Of Spain, by Robert Taylor, Jr. (pg. 251)



Amateur Night

Beck, K. K.
Jane da Silva finds out if an imprisoned jerk punk really killed a pharamacist's wife. At the end she seems to have been approved to receive her inheritance, but in "Electric City" she doesn't have it.



Electric City

Beck, K. K.
Jane da Silva is trying to convince the Foundation For Righting Wrongs that she deserves to get paid on her latest case, a missing woman that worked for a clipping service.


"I don't have to act like a attorney", he said, "I am one."


"Hey!", barked Bob. "If you do what the lady says, I'll only hit you once. Think of that as something to work towards. A goal like."



The Body In The Cornflakes

Beck, K. K.
Ted is the assistant manager of a Seattle grocery store where bodies start turning up. MacNab and Lukowski investigate.


"Nice knockers," said MacNab, managing to convey a certain reverence for the dead in his tone. -- pg. 52



The Body In The Volvo

Beck, K. K.
Professor Charles doesn't get tenue, takes over his uncles's car repair shop in Seattle. Said body is discovered. MacNab and Lukowski investigate.



We Interrupt This Broadcast

Beck, K. K.
Single dirvorced mom Alice gets a job at a decrepit AM Classical radio station, taking the place of Ed, who is lying dead in a hide-a-bed. Funny.



Sitting ducks

Bedard, Michael
An alligator makes friends with a duck. Extremely excellent picture book!



Real Men Don't Apologize

Belushi, Jim
I did not find this book on dating and relationships humorous or useful. I only found two funny parts, the old guy story on pages 196-197, and another one that couldn't find again, so I guess it wasn't that good. Since I flunked the Man Test at the beginning I guess these book isn't for me.



I Am Not A Cop!

Belzer, Richard
Richard Belzer, the actor, searches for clues to his Russian friend's disappearance in New York. "Belz" constantly meets people who misidentify him, and several people who want to kill him. Not as engaging a story as I hoped, given Belzer's rep as a comedian, but maybe it was because I was reading it in the emergency room.


It was as if I could almost see it now, like looking at an emergin island through a blanket of fog. I just hoped it didn't turn out to be an iceberg. (pg. 220)



The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake

Bender, Aimee
Rose can taste the emotional base of whoever prepared the food she eats. This is very disconcerting to her as a child. Later she finds out her family, on her father's side, seems to have various talents along this way. I did not get the pink Pegasus pen humor.


I was a couple years older than most learner's permit types, but I'd been slower to the car than my peers. (pg. 165) As was I!



The Martian Race

Benford, Gregory
I can't believe this is the first Benford book in the data base, I am certainly familiar with the name. Interesting story of first manned expedition to Mars.




Bennett, Robert Jackson
Probably the first in a series, a young thief gets into a lot more trouble than she ever imagined. Clef the key was one of my favorite characters.



Glory Be!

Benrey, Ron
With Janet Benrey. Glory, North Carolina #1. B&B owner Emma works with fellow church choir singer Rafe (who is deputy police chief) solve a possible murder in their small town. Cozy Christian Mystery Romances aren't really my thing, but this one was OK.


"You have no idea! As I pushed the remains into the garbage disposal I prayed fervently, imploring God to ensure that my concoction did not injure Glory's waste treatment facility."


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