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The Grace In Older Women

Gash, Jonathan
Antiques dealer Lovejoy gets involved the Cause's fundraiser.



The Great California Game

Gash, Jonathan
Lovejoy ends up in New York after his Hong Kong adventure. Then on to California. He seems a bit bedazzled by American food and slang.



Mr. Commitment

Gayle, Mike
Duffy is a late twenties Brit dealing with a relationship. Very good, funny.




Geist, Bill
Bill goes golfing.



The Big Five-Oh!

Geist, Bill
Geist's take on turning fifty. Some funny, a few poignant, some boring, some cursing involved here.



Tuesdays At The Castle

George, Jessica Day
Princess Celie lives with her family in a castle that seems almost alive, adding rooms to itself at a whim, or maybe to a purpose. Very enjoyable adventure!



The Chronicles Of Blarnia

Gerber, Michael
"Hither come and suck a pipe, Turn thy brain to cheese and tripe!" Whoops, wrong book. I borrowed the book from someone who had purchased it for a particular reason, but it turned out they did not need it for that reason, but I wanted to read it. It was no Bored Of The Rings, but it was OK.



Charms For The Easy Life

Gibbons, Kaye
Story of three women in North Carolina before and during WWII. One of the best books I've ever read.




Gibson, William
Fourteen-year-old Chia goes to Japan to find out the truth about her idol, the singer Rez, who plans to marry a cyber person. Interesting story. .




Gibson, William
Cyberpunk Case meets enhanced chick Molly, attached A.I. computer on corporate space station. Very cool!



A Tale Dark & Grimm

Gidwitz, Adam
OMG, I bought this for my little niece, who was perfectly normal, and now she is scared of the dark, and what's under the bed, and books. It's all YOUR fault, Mr. Gidwitz!! Not really. I enjoyed this very much!



The Inquisitor's Tale

Gidwitz, Adam
A Canterbury Tale's sort of thing, I think, not that I've read that. It kept my interest, with an especially good ending. A couple of the characters don't seem to act like their Wikipedia articles, but a good story none the less. And very attractively packaged, too.



Pictures Of Hollis Woods

Giff, Patricia Reilly
Hollis tends to run away from foster homes. Hard to read the last two chapters with my eyes so wet.



The Joy Of Geocaching

Gillin, Paul
Co-author Dana Gillin. This husband and wife team of geocachers have written a very enjoyable guide to the game. Game?? It's no game, sir!




Gladwell, Malcolm
Discussions of how successful people (and businesses) may happen. Or not happen. I was particularly taken with the Christopher Langan chapter. Some writers have issues with the author's methods, but It makes one think about things one may have not thought about before. Whew!



What The Dog Saw And Other Adventures

Gladwell, Malcolm
Lots of interesting stuff about pit bulls, mammography, Veg-A-Matics, Enron, and first impressions. And other stuff.

Words I Had To Look Up:

flibbertigibbet (pg. 600) -- A Middle English word referring to a flighty or whimsical person. A word not used often enough!



Snitch Jacket

Goffard, Christopher
Suckered in the title, and then the jacket, with its threatening hairy 'Nam vet grasping a bottle of brew. Interesting story, lots of cursing, laugh out loud funny in parts, but over all a sad story, with a downer ending. But a nice sendup of Burning Man.

Words I Had To Look Up:

studies in American Toughguy manqué (pg. 158) -- Unfulfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition.
Snopes Cow (pg. 180) -- Some sort of weird Faulkner reference. See, this is why this book is good, now I gotta read Faulkner!

Smoke Quote:

He carried a BIC lighter in his sweaty palm, like s sick man with his hand on the call nurse's button. (pg. 16)

Bike Quote:

The law requires you to ride right there on the blacktop... This I refuse to do... Still,when I saw screeching near-misses between cars and people stupid enough to pedal their $3,000, space-alloy machines in the 'bike lane' -- I call it the suicide lane -- I rooted instinctively for the car. (pg. 52)


'Where You Can Be An Individual!'™ (pg. 191)



The Garden Of Eve

Going, K. L.
Odd story of Evie, whose father moves them to a farm after her mother dies. A farm that seems to have a curse on the apple tree orchard. Having a cemetery next door can't help. And there's that boy, the one that claims to be dead.



Carter Beats The Devil

Gold, Glen David
A very good book about a magician named Carter. Story involves Philo Farnsworth and President Harding. Not the perfect book, but a very satisfying read. Reviewed in Booklist July 2001 pg. 1948.



Beyond The Beyond

Goldberg, Lee
An old sci fi show (not unlike Star Trek) is revived, but some fervent fans don't care for the new cast. Is "light-year" misused on purpose? It's not funny!


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