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Hitchcock, Alfred, editor

Daring Detectives

Hitchcock, Alfred, editor
Eleven stories of crime and intrigue. I enjoyed meeting The Saint, Hercule Poirot, and Ellery Queen again. CONTENTS: The Day the Children Vanished / Hugh Pentecost -- Through a Dead Man's Eye / Cornell Woolrich -- The Disappearance of Mrs. Davenheim / Agatha Christie -- Green Ice / Stuart Palmer -- The Grave Grass Quivers / MacKinlay Kanton -- The Case of the Irate Witness / Erle Stanley Gardner -- Adventure of the Grice-Paterson Curse / August Derleth -- The Headmaster / Michael Gilbert -- The Adventure of the Seven Black Cats / Ellery Queen -- The Wicked Cousin / Leslie Charteris -- The Footprint in the Sky / John Dickson Carr.

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Dacoit -- A member of a robber band or gang in India or Myanmar (Burma).


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