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Tourist Season

Hiaasen, Carl
A newspaper man comes up with a solution to the tourist problem in Florida.


With a shift in economic fortunes Wilson had been forced to quit shooting heroin, so he'd turned to reading in his spare time.



Trap Line

Hiaasen, Carl and Bill Montalbano
A crawdad fisherman in Florida (imagine that!) has problems drug smugglers and the law.



The Eyeball collector

Higgins, P. E.
Hector swears revenge on the man with one eye (and a big nose) who blackmails his father, causing him to die of a heart attack. Very good, now I have to read the rest of the related books!



The Boy Who Followed Ripley

Highsmith, Patricia
Ripley meets an American lad who has run away from home and ended up in France. My second Ripley book, I rather found this one better than the first.



The Talented Mr. Ripley

Highsmith, Patricia
I could only find this book in a collection "Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1950s". It was so ungodly LONG that I'm entering as a separate entry! Since the collection contained four other NOVELS, one can assume the print was rather tiny. It was. I didn't much care for this book, and do not intend to read any others in the Ripliad. There were 340-odd pages of, did I mention it, TINY, print? I didn't feel any sympathy for any of the characters. About eight pages from the end, just before Ripley boards the Hellenes, he mentions THREE murders. I only remember two. I'm sure I just missed the point of the sentence. Hadas recommended this book. I don't hold it against her, though, it just didn't work for me.

Words I Had To Look Up:

celeri remoulade -- a type of salad. (op cit, pg. 175)

faute de mieux -- for lack of something better. (ibid, pg 202)



Hunting Badger

Hillerman, Tony
Chee and Leaphorn looks for three guys who robbed a casino.




Hillerman, Tony
Joe Leaphorn investigates a rug that was supposed to have been burned a few years ago. Good story. I WAS confused when the gift box of cherries made their appearance on page 199. I cannot find any reference to it before that, and I LOOKED!!



Sinister Pig

Hillerman, Tony
Bernie becomes a Customs agent. A satisfying story, but not overly complicated. Chee finally gets his stuff sorted out.



Skeleton Man

Hillerman, Tony
Jim Chee goes into the Grand Canyon to search for diamonds from an airliner mid-air collision back in 1956. Dup entry under last name of Tony.



The Fallen Man

Hillerman, Tony
Another good mystery set in the Navajo nation. I got a little confused though.



The First Eagle

Hillerman, Tony
Jim Chee investigates a policeman's death, Joe Leaphorn searches for a missing fleacatcher. Curiously these come across as "clean air", while the Lovejoy books seem so dark.



The Wailing Wind

Hillerman, Tony
Chee and a retired Leaphorn look for clues in a tragic story of a lost gold mine, murder, and a missing wife. Very good.



Lost Horizon

Hilton, James
The classic story of four people who end up in the remote valley in Tibet at the Shangri-La monastery. Non a lot of action, and I was depressed at the end. I wonder how the movie versions came out?

Words I Had To Look Up:

esplanade (pg. 17) -- A long stretch of open level ground (paved or grassy) for walking beside the seashore
quia impossibile est (pg. 19) -- From the Tertullian quote, which freely translates as "It is certain, because it is impossible."
cantonments (pg. 24) -- A temporary or semi-permanent military quarters.
laconic (pg. 34) -- Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.
leitmotif (pg. 45) -- A melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation. A dominant recurring theme.
inculcate (pg. 69) -- Teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions.
iniquitous (pg. 75) -- Characterized by iniquity; wicked.
convolvulus (pg. 91) -- Any of a genus (Convolvulus) of erect, trailing, or twining herbs and shrubs of the morning-glory family.
chiaroscuro (pg. 119) -- Pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard to color.
illimitably (pg. 177) -- Incapable of being limited or bounded, measureless.
altiplano (pg. 177) -- A high plateau or plain.



The Darkest Path

Hirsch, Jeff
Set in the near future, a boy escapes from a military/cult group that has taken over several states and is poised to defeat the government.



Daring Detectives

Hitchcock, Alfred, editor
Eleven stories of crime and intrigue. I enjoyed meeting The Saint, Hercule Poirot, and Ellery Queen again. CONTENTS: The Day the Children Vanished / Hugh Pentecost -- Through a Dead Man's Eye / Cornell Woolrich -- The Disappearance of Mrs. Davenheim / Agatha Christie -- Green Ice / Stuart Palmer -- The Grave Grass Quivers / MacKinlay Kanton -- The Case of the Irate Witness / Erle Stanley Gardner -- Adventure of the Grice-Paterson Curse / August Derleth -- The Headmaster / Michael Gilbert -- The Adventure of the Seven Black Cats / Ellery Queen -- The Wicked Cousin / Leslie Charteris -- The Footprint in the Sky / John Dickson Carr.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Dacoit -- A member of a robber band or gang in India or Myanmar (Burma).



Assassin's Apprentice

Hobb, Robin
Book I in the Farseer trilogy. Bastard son of a prince becomes an apprentice assassin, 'cause, what's a bastard to do? Good story, really felt the characters were real. Now I gotta find the second book!



Assassin's Fate

Hobb, Robin
Book three in the Fitz And The Fool trilogy. About four hundred pages in this books really starts moving along.


"That does not happen," I told him gently. -- pg. 539



Assassin's Quest

Hobb, Robin
Book three of the Farseer trilogy. Pretty good, but nearly seven hundred pages long. What's next?



Fool's Assassin

Hobb, Robin
Fitz And The Fool trilogy #1. Guess I didn't read the books in between, this one takes place quite a few years after the Liveship Traders. Great characterizations!



Fool's Quest

Hobb, Robin
Book two in the Fitz And The Fool trilogy sub-series-thing.
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