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A Web Of Air

Reeve, Philip
Second book in the Fever Crumb prequel to Mortal Engines. While traveling on the theater barge, Fever meets a fellow with scientific leanings.


"Who are you?" they both said at the same instant.
"I've got the gun," said the stranger after a second more. "That means you have to go first."



Fever Crumb

Reeve, Philip
Fever is an apprentice Engineer in pre-traction London. She doesn't know who her parents are. She is sent to assist the archaeologist Kit Solvent. Several originations of people and things from the Mortal Engines series are explained here.



Infernal Devices

Reeve, Philip
Book three of the Mortal Engines series. I was half-way through book four when this come in at the library. And I was lost. I recommend reading them in order, and not waiting YEARS between books. Get the cast of characters from Wikipedia, too. I'm a lot of trouble remembering who is who.

Nifty Names of Flying Things:

Damn You, Gravity
Jenny Haniver (The body of a devil fish mounted to look like something magical or human.)
Bad Hair Day
Contents Under Pressure
Sword Flourished In Understandable Pique
Visible Panty Line
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Poka-Dot Machiney
and my favorite..
Combat Wombat -- I wonder if he got that from the Hodaka motorcycle?




Reeve, Philip
An oddly Victorian version of space battles, space pirates, and space spiders. Quite dashing!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Tergiversator -- hedger: a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer. pg. 365.



Mortal engines

Reeve, Philip
Book 1 of the Hungry Cities Chronicles, in which Tom and Hester meet when she tries to kill Valentine. Tom gets a crush on Valentines daughter. Everybody who isnt necessary for the next book in the series dies, pretty much. Including the city of London.



Predators gold

Reeve, Philip
Book 2 of the Hungry Cities Chronicles, Hester and Tom end up at Anchorage, run across the Lost Boys, and battle it out with the Green Storm troops. Pretty good stuff.



Doubting Thomas

Reeves, Robert
English prof. Thomas Theron bets on a long shot that wins, but his tipster dies. Thomas is coerced into finding out why.



Peeping Thomas

Reeves, Robert
Prof. Thomas Theron prowls the porno industry to find out why porno stores are being bombed, and particularly the one he was in at the time... Interesting ideas on the porno problem presented.


The Dewey Decimal System of Desire. Everything in the shop had been arranged according to taste, women categorized by sexual activity or physical attribute, then divided and subdived, again and again, until every permutation of lust had been addressed. ... It was unsettling to contemplate what confluence of genes or experience might provoke such minutely specific expressions of desire.



Flat Crazy

Rehder, Ben
Blanco Co. #3--A Chupacabra is spotted, so game warden John Marlin investigates.



Gun Shy

Rehder, Ben
Country music star Mitch Campbell (and National Weapons Alliance spokesperson) kills a day laborer by mistake while in a drunken haze.



Starship: Mutiny

Resnick, Mike
Space opera. Wilson Cole joins the crew of the starship Theodore Roosevelt guarding a back-water, as it were, area of the Rim. Moves right along, dialogue seems oddly anachronistic, and the sexual references seem out of place, to me.



Starship: Pirate

Resnick, Mike
I really really hate it when I finish a book and find a bunch of appendices at the end. Am I suppose to look through the book and discover this stuff on my own, and take a chance on reading the ending? Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to let the reader know what the different parts of the book were...



Starship: Rebel

Resnick, Mike
In Book Four there is lots of space fighting as Cole's armada grows. A bit of cussing. The "About The Author" section seems to go on and on with all the author's many accomplishments and awards. Perhaps I'm jealous, but I think the extensive list would be more appropriate in an encyclopedia article rather than four pages in the appendix of a novel.



The Prefect

Reynolds, Alistair
I guess this is #1 of the Prefect Dreyfus Emergency series. It is pretty good. I like how the author used the word "conjour".


'...But the rules say you can't have quickmatter anywhere near a polling core.'
'I like rules,' Thalia said. 'Rules are good.'
'Let's unwrap the baby.' -- page 319



Foxfire 10

Reynolds, Geroge P., ed.
Of particular interest was the reminiscing about the Tallulah Falls Railway. There is a nice diagram and article about trestle construction. Also an article mentioning how a Model T Ford shifts, quite different from cars nowadays. People sure were poor back in the Depression. But then, they didn't have television, so they didn't know what they were missing.



Ninth Ward

Rhodes, Jewell Parker
I can't say I believe in ghosts, but Lanesha sees them, and they help her when Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans. Good little story.



The Baked Bean Supper Murders

Rich, Virginia
Mrs. Potter tries to figure out who is killing everybody in her neck of the Maine woods. Lots of delicious sounding recipes.



After hamelin

Richardson, Bill
Penelope wakes up deaf on the morning of her elevening, and thus is the only child left behind when the Pied Piper pipes his flute. It becomes her mission to rescue the town's children, and subdue the piper. Very good!



The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek

Richardson, Kim Michelle
This was a great story about the pack horse librarians and blue people of Kentucky.



Zen And Now -- On the trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Richardson, Mark
I've read, as Pirsig is quoted, "ZMM", two or three times. I read "Lila", too, but both were so long along they are not in this database. I didn't understand a lot of it, and surely misunderstood a great deal, too, but it affected me greatly. This is a GREAT travelogue, and I highly recommend it.

One thing, for some reason I got it in my head that Pirsig rode a Norton. Today I Learned that his bike was a Honda 305 Superhawk. The first motorcycle I ever rode was a Honda 305 Scrambler, so there is a point of congruity for ya! A quick search on Amazon Look Inside finds no trace of the word "Norton", so who knows where I got that from!


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