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Baen Free Stories 2018

Baen Publishing Enterprises, Ed.
Although I haven't quite finished, I can say I am not enthralled with the last story. The other ones are pretty good, though. And I'll have to finish that last story to make final judgement...


"Pain is the Fuel" - Travis S. Taylor 3/5

"An Eagle's Flight" - Brendan DuBois 5/5

"Father Avenir and the Fire Demons of Yellowstone" - Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah A. Hoyt 4/5

"Ghost Flotilla U-boats: Embarkation" Susan R. Matthews 5/5

"Homunculus" - Stephen Lawson 4/5

"By Echo Light" - Tim Powers 4/5

"Out of the Vortex" - Steve White 4/5

"Dragon's Hand" - David VonAllmen 4/5

"Dark Fall" - David Weber 5/5

"Love in the Time of Interstellar War" - Brendan DuBois 5/5

"See of Darkness" - Mike Massa 5/5

"Axabrast" - Brad R. Torgersen 5/5

"Chancellor Witt" - Susan R. Matthews 4/5

Ratings by goodreads member Ryan.


"Nothing says “Tutti stanno calmi, calmi . . .” like a bipod mounted FN Minimi and a box magazine of belted ammunition. Except perhaps, two of them." -- See Of Darkness



Baen Free Stories 2019

Baen Publishing Enterprises, Ed.

The Testimony of the Traitor Ratul by Larry Correia

Today I Remember by Martin L. Shoemaker

Extracurricular by Wm. Mark Simmons

Waiting for the Talisman by P.C. Hodgell

Voodoo Magic by Robert Buettner

Burners by Matt McHugh

Treason Properly by J.J. Cragun

Talk Girl by Wil McCarthy

Weeping Willikers by Aaron Michael Ritchey

A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Next Giant Leap by Patrick Chiles


There are various spells and stratagems for the dis-corporation of the animated dead but I’ve found—by no little trial and error—that the Louisville Slugger tops the list. -- Extracurricular



Baen Free Stories 2020

Baen Publishing Enterprises, Ed.
The Red Sea by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin

Adrift by Frank Chadwick

The Policeman's Daughter by Wil McCarthy

Peregoy's Wolves by Nancy Kress

Chasing Your Tail by Peter J. Wacks

Bagala Devi Objective by M.T. Reiten

Sacrifices by D.J. Butler

Humanslayer by G. Scott Huggins

The Hero Business by Tim Akers

At the Seams by Jacob Holo

The Red Ship by Marc Miller

Preferred Seating by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller



Baen Free Stories 2021

Baen Publishing Enterprises, Ed.
APPLESEED: A Founder Effect Legend by Robert E. Hampson

Latuda’s Lady in White by Aaron Michael Ritchey

Misfits by A.C. Haskins

All Orca Go to Heaven by Joelle Presby

The Paoshi Puzzle by James L. Cambias

Of Shadows and Caves by David Weber and Richard Fox

Salvage Judgment by G. Scott Huggins

Murder in Space by Les Johnson

The Man Who Would be Dracula by Simon R. Green

Shattered Trust by Dave Bara

Echoes of Meridian by M. Elizabeth Ticknor

The Rot’s Last Laugh by Charles E. Gannon

Fire-Bright Rain by Jane Lindskold

From Every Storm a Rainbow by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller


“Of course, it’s bound to be a trap,” said Daniel.

“Great!” said Tina. “Let’s walk into it!”

“Why not?” said Daniel. --The Man Who Would be Dracula


she looked like a fairy queen. Not one of the good ones. -- Salvage Judgment



Mi Moto Fidel

Baker, Christopher P.
Motocycling and sex in Cuba. Non-fiction. Interesting takes on Castro and communism.



Deliver Us From Evil

Baldacci, David
Some guy from one secret group is sent to kill a former KGB mass murderer, and some woman from another secret group is sent to kill the same former KGB mass murderer.


Wings -- Too many places to list...



Wish You Well

Baldacci, David
A girl and her brother go, along with their disabled mother, to live with her late father's grandmother high in the mountains of Virginia. Really good book.




Balf, Todd
Biography of the the great bicycle champion Major Taylor.




Ballard, J. G.
Paul, recovering from an airplane accident, moves to the super business park of Eden-Olympus when his physician wife accepts a job there. She is replacing a, as it happens, former lover who killed several people there, and was in turn, shot to death. Paul is intrigued by the mystery of why this happened.



Chasing Vermeer

Balliett, Blue
Two kids solves a mystery involving a missing Vermeer painting. Read 1/2005



The Calder Game

Balliett, Blue
Calder goes to England with his father, sees a Calder sculpture, which gets stolen, and Calder disappears! Did I mention the Calder exhibit in Chicago? Interesting, has puzzles, maps, pictures.



The Danger Box

Balliett, Blue
Zoomy comes into a mysterious notebook which seems to have something to do with Charles Darwin. Someone is trying to steal it. Zoomy and his friend try to figure out why. Excellent story!



Wright 3

Balliett, Blue
Petra, Tommy, and Calder solve the mystery of a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Chicago. I still dont get pentaminos, but it is a pretty clever book. It did occur to me that living in the house, as a child, would possibly create unrealistic expectations about life. How about that?



The Strange

Ballingrud, Nathan
Teen girl living on Mars, rough Western-type life, with weird sci-fiction and steam punk-type stuff going on. Kinda liked the Engine.


"Ease off, can opener. I let her go."



No Time For Goodbye

Barclay, Linwood
Teenage girl wakes up in the morning, finds her family is GONE! No trace of them to be found. Now she is an adult, and weird stuff is happening! Very absorbing, I stayed up WAY to late into the morning reading it. Read the Readers Digest Condensed version.


...piece-of-crap telescope.





Freedom -- Credos from the road

Barger, Sonny
Thought this would look good on the book list. Wondered what Sonny has been up to since I read Hunter S. Thompson's book back in 1970 or so. So we got fifty rules here for living a full and succesful life, or even your own biker organization. Favorite: At booksigning telling kids not to smoke, using hole in his throat to illustrate why.




Barker, Clive
Candy Quackenbush, who hates her life in, get this, Chickentown, travels to the magical land of Abarat, which seems to suit her much more, except for all the beings trying to kill, maim, and/or overpower her. Vol. 1 of who knows how many? Not a bad story.



Days of magic, nights of war

Barker, Clive
Candy Q. is still in Abarat, or is it THE Abarat, I'm not sure, getting into mischief, or rather, since she is the good guy, as it were, foiling the plans of the bad guys. There's another book coming? Yikes! I read the hardcover with the color illustrations, I would recommend YOU read that edition, too!



A City Of Strangers

Barnard, Robert
The awful Phelan family is moving up in the world. Good story.





A Cry From The Dark

Barnard, Robert
Bettina is writing her memoirs about her life as young girl in rural Australia. A fairly calm story with a surprising, sad, ending.


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