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Cook, Robin
Dr. Jack and Laurie, mostly Laurie, investigate MRSA deaths at a group of specialty hospitals.



Fatal Cure

Cook, Robin
Drs. Angela and David Watson move to a seemingly idyllic small town and find a body in the basement under the stairs. Good story.



Foreign Body

Cook, Robin
When her grandmother dies in India after surgery, med student Jennifer goes to take charge of the body. She is suspicious of the circumstances, and well she might be!




Cook, Robin
Dr. Kim Reggis fails to note the import of the half=cooked hamburger his daughter eats at the local Onion Ring fast food restaurant.




Cook, Robin
Dr. Jack Stapleton investigates a case of anthrax involving a Russian taxi driver and skinhead patriots.



Ghost Hawk

Cooper, Susan
Starts out with an Indian boy, Little Hawk, during Colonial times, going on his three-month "test of solitude" to become a man. I really enjoyed reading this story.



The Boggart

Cooper, Susan
A magical, mischievous being accidently ends up in a Canadian family's house. A very good story!



The Dark Is Rising

Cooper, Susan
I've read this before, of course, but I found a copy laying about and read it again. I forgot the Will was only eleven years old. I also forgot that the book is centered around the Christmas season. So much darkness in what should be a happy time! Nicely done.

I've a nit to pick: On page 156 Will receives a new bicycle, one with "eleven gear-speeds". I don't want to go into a great deal of detail why, but I don't think so. A typical freewheel was five gears, so double chainrings would give you ten "speeds", and a triple would give you fifteen. Not necessarily all useful, of course.



12 Again

Corbett, Sue
Patrick's mom is mad because her husband forgot her 40th birthday, so she spends the night at her deceased mother's house. In the morning she is 12 years old, and her mother is cooking breakfast. A nice mixture of fantasy and reality.



The Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Corcoran, John with Carole C. Carlson
Very interesting story of a man who became a high school teacher after graduating college, and yet was functionally illiterate.



Lion Boy

Corder, Zizou
Charlie goes on a quest to rescue his kidnapped parents. Very good story, maps, drawings, music.



Lion Boy: The Chase

Corder, Zizou
Charlie continues on his journey to rescue his parents/lions. Very PC.



Leviathan Wakes

Corey, James S. A.
Book 1 of the Expanse series. The author's name is a pen name for Daniel Abraham (who co-authored Hunter's Run, listed under George R. R. Martin)and Ty Franck. This space opera is too complicated for ME to sum up.



Nuclear Winter Wonderland

Corin, Joshua
Frat boy Adam picks up his twin sister Anna at her school so they can drive back home to attend a funeral. A bad bowl of chili, a stop at a rest stop restroom, things go bad. Anna is kidnapped by a guy with the trigger for 12 nuclear bombs, Adam is team up with a Spanish speaking clown, and the FBI and the mob are after them. It's one hairy road trip, kid.

Good writing, wacky plot, enjoyed the trip rather much.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Some docks were occupied by sleepy argosies... (pg. 248) -- A merchant ship.
...located at the rear of the texas (pg. 261) -- The uppermost deck of an inland or western river steamer. But this is an ocean steamer!



Black Notice

Cornwell, Patricia
Kay Scarpetta eventually goes to Paris to get clues about a serial hairy killer. Apparently her FBI boyfriend died in the last book. Good. NO, I don't mean good that he died, but it's a good book.




Cornwell, Patricia
Kay goes to Baton Rouge. Actually, everbody does. Even dead guys. Handily tyes up many loose threads very quickly.



Book of the Dead

Cornwell, Patricia
Lucy treats a couple of kids at a cancer clinic to a spin around the parking lot in her rented Ferrari, and Kay threatens to burn down an old lady's house. Oh, and a bunch of people end up dead, and no ones' relationships are satisfactorily resolved. Sure are a lot of brand-names mentioned. I guess writing "Zodiac" is more intimate than "rubber-bottomed boat".


Got my own filing system ... Sort of like the Dewey decibel system. (pg. 63)

Some Fancy Stuff:

Agusta Brutale motorcycle -- Lucy's bike.
Lancia automobile -- Dr. Moroni's car.
Ferrari F430 Spider -- Lucy's rental.
Cessna Citation X -- Lucy's plane.
Indian Roadmaster motorcycle -- Marino's ride.
Glock 40 cal. -- Marino's pistol.
Smith & Wesson .357 -- Marino's other pistol.
Glock -- Lucy's ankle gun.



Hornet's Nest

Cornwell, Patricia
A reporter joins the police auxiliary. Not one of the Kay Scarpitta series.



Point of Origin

Cornwell, Patricia
Kay Scarpetta investigates a murder at a fire scene.


"You tell me what you're planning to cook, and maybe I can give you some advice," he offered... "Different things," I replied. "Mostly I'll be boiling things."



Port Mortuary

Cornwell, Patricia
In which we learn a lot about Scarpetta's past in the Air Force. Also, more of how she can't run an organization. Read in one day.

Words I Had To Look Up:

...Galaxy is the length of a football field (pg.8) -- Well, it's sixty feet short of a football field.
Roman Inquisition (pg. 31) -- Not interesting.
sided in titanium (pg. 137) -- Who'd a thunk it? This led to discovering the phrase "titanium chic".
an eight-by-eleven gray envelope (pg. 181) -- Guess my 8 1/2 x 11 paper won't fit in that.
...twenty-foot Mako...on a jack stand (pg. 378) -- A feat of balance!


Can U call Evelyn!? (pg. 431) -- Saved two typing two letters there!


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