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The Threat

Poyer, David
Dan Lehman is, detached?, from the Navy, working in Washington D.C. as head of a drug interdiction team for the White House. Through the book he pretty much ends up doing everything ELSE, however!

Words I Had To Look Up:

encaustic tile (pg. 31) -- Ceramic tiles with a decoration made of different colors of clay inlaid into their surface.
Voda gazifie (pg. 115) -- First word is "water", can't find definition for the second word.
Scrum (pg. 287) -- The formation used in the setplay restarting play after a knock-on or forward pass.


Dan tries out his French --
Fevier made a half-concealed grimace, as if tasting a bad peanut. "You will excuse me, but perhaps we should conduct our business in English." (pg. 146)


Is this the correct word, "deserts?
"We have been fortunate beyond our deserts." (pg. 112)