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Bonham, Frank

Burma Rifles

Bonham, Frank
A novel of Merrill's Marauders. A Nisei joins the army during World War II, is sent to Burma. Small amateur radio mention, his radio is smashed by "patriotic Americans" after Pearl Harbor.

Words I Had To Look Up:

L-4 plane (pg. 112) -- A light military aircraft based on the Piper J-3 "Cub".
they'll have the trails ambuscaded (pg. 123) -- To have ambushes set.
AN-PRC-1 radio (pg. 205) -- PRC-1/RT-30; Suitcase portable, HF, CW transmitter receiver. Built into a common suitcase, the PRC-1 was originally intended for use by the OSS in WW-II. It was however rejected as too heavy. Regardless, it saw extensive service with them and other Intelligence and Guerrilla forces. Ops 2-12mc in two continuously tunable bands, AM or CW (rec). Two bands with Xtal control, CW only (trans). RF power output is 30 watts. Size 18 x 13.25 x 17.25" 32lbs,OD color.From CONDENSED PRC RADIO DATA; by Dennis Starks.
Nambu (pg. 209) -- Sounds like the author is talking about a machine gun, of which Kijirō Nambu designed several. The only weapon I find bearing his name is a pistol.


"Let's get some sleep," Jerry said.
Matsumoto rubbed his rifle-stock. "You know, my mother lives in Japan," he said gloomily.
"Be glad she's not a soldier," Jerry tried to joke.
"No, I guess she's all right. She lives a long way from Tokyo--just a little city. I guess she's a lot safer than I am."
"Where does she live?" Jerry asked.
"Hiroshima," Matsumoto said.-- (pg. 218)



Cool Cat

Bonham, Frank
Drugs and gangs snag the plans of four guys plans for making some bucks during the summer in L.A.



The Ghost Front

Bonham, Frank
Juvenile novel about the Battle of the Bulge, as experienced by twin American soldiers during the first days of their time on the front. Pretty good, seems pretty realistic, for a juvenile. Pub. in 1968. A map! A Discarded Book.



War Beneath The Sea

Bonham, Frank
Keith joins the submarine service during World War II. Realistic, pretty good stuff. Author lived in La Jolla.


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