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Burma Rifles

Bonham, Frank
A novel of Merrill's Marauders. A Nisei joins the army during World War II, is sent to Burma. Small amateur radio mention, his radio is smashed by "patriotic Americans" after Pearl Harbor.

Words I Had To Look Up:

L-4 plane (pg. 112) -- A light military aircraft based on the Piper J-3 "Cub".
they'll have the trails ambuscaded (pg. 123) -- To have ambushes set.
AN-PRC-1 radio (pg. 205) -- PRC-1/RT-30; Suitcase portable, HF, CW transmitter receiver. Built into a common suitcase, the PRC-1 was originally intended for use by the OSS in WW-II. It was however rejected as too heavy. Regardless, it saw extensive service with them and other Intelligence and Guerrilla forces. Ops 2-12mc in two continuously tunable bands, AM or CW (rec). Two bands with Xtal control, CW only (trans). RF power output is 30 watts. Size 18 x 13.25 x 17.25" 32lbs,OD color.From CONDENSED PRC RADIO DATA; by Dennis Starks.
Nambu (pg. 209) -- Sounds like the author is talking about a machine gun, of which Kijirō Nambu designed several. The only weapon I find bearing his name is a pistol.


"Let's get some sleep," Jerry said.
Matsumoto rubbed his rifle-stock. "You know, my mother lives in Japan," he said gloomily.
"Be glad she's not a soldier," Jerry tried to joke.
"No, I guess she's all right. She lives a long way from Tokyo--just a little city. I guess she's a lot safer than I am."
"Where does she live?" Jerry asked.
"Hiroshima," Matsumoto said.-- (pg. 218)