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Levine, Kristin

The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

Levine, Kristin
Small-town Southern boy makes friends (eventually) with a new girl in town, a "negra", in 1917. The "n-word" is used a number of times, and I'm not talking about "negra", and it seemed out of place in a middle school level story, but it's essential to getting a feeling of the time and place. I really liked the story, and even wept a bit near the end.




"You know, Dit," he said in a quiet voice, "when my wife died, I was real angry. Angry at the ol' doctor who wouldn't come because I didn't have no money. Angry at God for taking her away."
Jim paused to make sure I was listening.

"But after a while I thought of something worse than losing my wife."
"What?" I asked.
"If I'd never met her at all." -- Pg. 252

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