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Larsson, Steig

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

Larsson, Steig
I really enjoyed this last book of the three published so far. There was more humor than I expected, too.

Quote I:

"I'm think of moving you to the Constitutional Protection operations unit."
"Forgive me for mentioning this, but Constitutional Protection doesn't have an operations unit."
"Yes, it does," Edklinth said. "I established it this morning. At present it consists of you."
"I see," said Figuerola hesitantly. -- pg. 224

Quote II:

"This is serious, Erika. I think you ought to see a doctor." -- pg. 270



The Girl Who Played With Fire

Larsson, Steig
I think this one, book two in the series, is even better than the first one. We find a out a bit more Lisbeth and her awful childhood.


There were not so many physical threats that could not be countered with a decent hammer, Salander thought. -- Pg. 33.

Unlike most other people who knew her, Palmgren was sure that Salander was a genuinely moral person. The problem was that her notion of morality did not always coincide with that of the justice system. -- Pg. 150.



The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Larsson, Steig
Pretty good story of a disgraced journalist hired to look into the disappearance of a teen girl some, what, forty years ago.


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