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Garcia, Eric

Cassandra French's Finishing School For Boys

Garcia, Eric
Cassie takes the problem of immature men into her own hands. And basement.

Words I Had To Look Up:

a thin veneer of drywall and Sheetrock (pg. 44) -- Are they not the same thing?
I don't know the Dewey decimal system all that well (pg. 102) -- She is talking about a UCLA library, they probably use LC. And I think the "d" in decimal should be capitalized.
schmeared a bagel (pg. 170) -- The relationship between "schmear" and "smear" struck me.
bottle of...chloroform languishing...after a stint at learning photography (pg. 186) -- Today I Learned of its uses in the photographic arts.



Casual Rex

Garcia, Eric
The dino P.I.s head off to Hawaii to investigate a dino cult.


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