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Brackenbury, Rosalind

Becoming George Sand

Brackenbury, Rosalind
Maria, a Scottish professor and writer, deals with her love and husband, and the death of her friend, while writing a book about George Sand.

Words I Had To Look Up:

girning over trifles (pg. 35) -- To complain in a whining voice. To contort one's face; grimace.
arrived in a caléche (pg. 129) -- A light low-wheeled carriage with a removable folding hood.

leave the door on the snib (pg. 164) -- A snib is a manually operated catch for the internal locking of Yale type locks.
practicing a phrase on the Pleyel (pg. 317) -- Not an instrument, as I first thought, a piece of music by Ignace Pleyel.


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