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Martini, Steve

Critical Mass

Martini, Steve
Jocelyn is retained by a handsome businessman to set up his new corporation.

Words I Had To Look Up:

This is J-N eight-two-four-six (pg. 100) -- I'm no expert, but this strikes me as incorrect. I thougt it went: Aircraft manufacturer, aircraft number (often dropping the "November" for N). I don't see a "J-N" float plane manufacturer listed anywhere. Am I right, or am I wrong?
double-clutching (pg 169) -- Huh? This is a transmission shifting technique, why would the truck driver shift gears in a low-speed attempt to push the car off the ferry?
giant C-130 (pg. 267) -- Wingspan of a C-130 is around 132 feet. A C-5 is 174 feet, an Airbus is 261 feet, and the Spruce Goose is 320 feet. The C-130 is big, but not GIANT.
a kind of cuddy cabin (pg. 271) -- A small room or a cabin on a small boat, often with limited headspace. Redundant, "cuddy" means "cabin", but that is how the term is often used.
transmit both audio and video signals on a special subsonic frequency to a satellite in space (pg. 285) -- Subsonic is below 20 Hz. Submarines used ELF communication techiniques, but the wavelength is thousands of kilometers, which means a VERY large antenna. I remember reading that the data rate is VERY slow, so I think video/audio transmission would not work. Not to mention satellite communication. Feel free to correct me on this!
Glass shattered in the window, breaking the pane (pg. 363) -- I thought the glass was the pane.
pallentized gunship C-130 (pg. 307) -- Not sure what that means, most C-130s could handle pallets. I slept on a pallet of toolboxes on a C-130 while TDY once.
Jolly Green Giant (pg. 307) -- Sikorsky HH-53 helicopter. Not a C-130, as far as I can find. Maybe the author was thinking of "Puff", a nickname ofr an AC-47 gunship.
palletized hundred-and-five-millimeter howitzer (pg. 308) -- I can't find any mention that the 105mm is on a pallet. Why all the mention of pallets in this novel, it doesn't make it shoot any better!
pediments (pg. 353) -- A triangular element, similar to or derivative of a Grecian pediment, used widely in architecture and decoration.
a Navy diver saved my life (pg. 359) -- Well, he was a SEAL, so he is kind of a SUPER-diver, eh?
Fastened ... with black electrical tape (pg. 421) -- In my experience electrical tape doesn't stick to stuff all that well. We are talking about a nuclear weapon here, why not spring for the good stuff, like duct tape?



Guardian Of Lies

Martini, Steve
Chick from Costa Rica is accused of murdering her Del Mar boyfriend. I particularly liked the shoot-out on Prospect Ave. in Santee/El Cajon. I could visualize it happening!

Quibbles And Words I Had To Look Up::

Begs the question. (pg. 65) -- Is this used correctly? Near as I can figure, not.
they aren't TIFFs (pg. 87) -- Gosh, maybe they used Irfanview to change the image type!
She spent four years... in a U.S. Army Ranger battalion (pg. 175) -- I'm not seeing anything on the Internet supporting women in combat in the Rangers. By the way, I really liked this character.
use cell phones as remote bugging device (pg. 225) -- The service provider (per FBI warrant) can turn on the phone remotely for bugging? Holy crap, it's true, according to NOAA website!
have a check on his passport number in the airline computers (pg. 226) -- Or, he could just cross the border to the Tijuana airport...
Encrypted, unlocked, quad-band GSM cell phones (pg. 229) -- Cool, how much do they cost? Can't find a price!
I pen a note to him on a pad from the nightstand. (pg. 241) -- I hope the FBI doesn't know the powdered graphite trick.
Commercial and shopping areas of town were three miles away... (pg. 414) More like one mile. Two miles puts you in the water. Quibble quibble.



The Attorney

Martini, Steve
Paul Madriani moves to San Diego and gets a client accursed of murdering the woman he thinks instigated the non-custodial kidnapping of his granddaughter.



The Rule Of Nine

Martini, Steve
Book two of what seems to be a trilogy or series (actually, is number eleven), San Diego attorney Paul Madriani is once again involved in foiling a terrorist plot. Some interesting twists.

Words I Had To Look Up:

percipient (pg. 198) -- A person who is able to perceive things.
Cooper Vane (258) -- Fully described in the text, I looked it up anyway.
old bungalows (pg. 205) -- I KNOW what the words mean, it was the information about partial cellars under Southern California bungalows that I found interesting.
AWAK flights (pg. 327) -- Probably typo of AWACS, is spelled correctly earlier in the book.

Odd Stuff:

On page 133 Thorn says that with the state of the American economy, one would think there would be a fire sale on commercial jets.
On page 210 Thorn says that Airline leasing companies were holding fire sales on new planes, and implies that used planes should be even cheaper.
On page 242 Stern says that commercial airliners were as cheap as dirt.


...six hundred volts and four thousand amps hiss through his body. -- (page 382) Yeah, baby!


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