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Buck, Pearl

Pearl S. Buck's Book Of Christmas

Buck, Pearl
I count 39 stories in 507 pages that Pearl Buck selected as her favorite Christmas stories. A Christmas Carol is there, as is The Little Match Girl, The Gift Of The Magi,and How Christmas Came To Simpson's Bar.

Words I Had To Look Up:

negus (pg. 151, A Christmas Carol In Prose) -- A beverage of wine, hot water, lemon juice, sugar, and nutmeg.
hansel (pg. 267, The conciliator Of Christendom) -- A first installment : earnest money
palliation (pg. 261, Christmas Eve On Lonesome) -- To make (an offense or crime) seem less serious; extenuate.
Cantat vacuus (pg. 304, Shakespeare's Christmas) -- Probably refers to the saying vacuus cantat coram latrone viator. The traveller with an empty purse sings in the presence of the highwayman.
Urbem quam dicunt Romam (pg. 306, Shakespeare's Christmas) -- The city which they call Rome.
precisian (pg. 309, Shakespeare's Christmas) -- One who is strict and precise in adherence to established rules, forms, or standards, especially with regard to religious observance or moral behavior.
nipcheese (pg. 310, Shakespeare's Christmas) -- A person of cheese-paring habits; a skinflint; a niggardly person.
Cecidit, cecidit Babylon illa magna! (pg. 311, Shakespeare's Christmas) -- Fallen, fallen, is Babylon, that great city.


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