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Steinbeck, John

The Grapes Of Wrath And Other Writings 1936-1941

Steinbeck, John
Consists of The Long Valley, The Grapes Of Wrath, The Log From The Sea Of Cortez, and an appendix with The Harvest Gypsies and Starvation Under The Orange Trees. Lots of depressing stuff here. Some good chuckles in The Sea Of Cortez, but I skipped chapter fourteen, as it made my head hurt.

Words I Had To Look Up:

fumadiddles (pg. 94, The Long Valley) -- Variation of flumadiddle, a useless frill.
teleologies (pg. 820, Sea Of Cortez) -- Not sure of this, has to do with the study of the evidences of design or purpose in nature.
specimens of Phthirius pubis (pg. 854, Sea Of Cortez) -- Pubic lice.


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