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Thompson, Julian F.

Goofbang Value Daze

Thompson, Julian F.
Gabe and Dori are teens in a "town of the future" that has a dome over it. I thought this would be science fiction, a sort of goofy teen romance science fiction, so I grabbed it off the shelf during inventory. It is not science fiction, though. And while there is a lot of goofy teen romance, there is a lot more. It takes place during during the 1980s, as the frequent references to contemporary events make clear. I enjoyed this book very much, but the too-frequent-for-me profanity suggests this book ought to be deselected to a high school library. There are over 15 profanities in the first 106 pages, where I ran out of sticky-tabs. Here is a list, in order: f**k, bullsh*t, h*ll, *ss, a*s, d*mn, he*l, b*tch, g*dd*mn, bi*ch, sh*tload of trouble you d*mn whiny b*tch, g*dda*mn, wise*ss, sh*t, dumbsh*t, fu*k, h*ll, f*ckin', p*sser. Well, I guess the hells and pisser aren't so bad, but there are some m*therf&ck*rs farther along, too. Although they are part of the plot!

There is a lot of examination values, authority, and boy-girl relationships here, some satirical humor, some tragedy, and I want to say again I enjoyed the book very much.


But rowing, too -- upstream, of course, you always go upstream. I think that's required by the Protestant ethic, using a rowing machine seems very Protestant to me. -- (pg. 72)


I probably widened my eyes a little, looking at the back of my mother's head. Her saying "fucked over" like that, to me, told me she was really concentrating. on the problem we faced, but not on form or the proprieties. As a rule, she doesn't use the f-word, figuratively, while speaking to her impressionable son. -- (pg. 244)


"...After all, the most important thing between two people is the f-word."
"What?" I said. Incredulous. "The f-word?"
"Sure," he said, "the f-word. Faith." -- (pg. 260)

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