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Abrahams, Peter

Down The Rabbit Hole

Abrahams, Peter
I thought this was going to be a scary horror book, but it turned out to be a mystery story. It took a while to get going, I felt it come alive around page 214. The author has laid a lot of groundwork for future books.

Words This Guy Had To Look Up:

Manolo Blahniks (pg. 306) -- A VERY expensive brand of shoes.


Waffles, such a great invention, and all because of those little squares, like rice paddies, perfect for filling up with a melted butter and maple syrup combo. Another example of what made America great--the nation that turned plain old rice paddies into syrupy butter paddies. -- (pg. 315)


Her bike, a Univega mountain bike, red of course, with fat knobby tires and twenty-three gears, of which she used one, stood against the back wall. -- (pg. 222) She has three chainrings and 7.666 cogs??


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