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Carey, Jacqueline

It's A Crime

Carey, Jacqueline
Some accountant goes to jail for fudging the corporate books. Not a BAD book, but the ending was boring. No zinger. Read (lightly) again the next day. I bet this would be funny as a movie. I picture Will being played by the brother on New Adventures Of Old Christine.


In one book, a mystery masquerading as science fiction, future humans snatch people from planes about to crash ... -- (pg. 221) Oh, oh, I know this one! Air Raid, by John Varley!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Mapback (pg. 12) -- Paperback mystery books published by Dell. Had a map on the back cover.
Mansard (pg. 17) -- A type of roof that has two slopes on each of the four sides. Look it up!
Propitiation (pg. 36) -- Turning away of wrath by an offering.
Banguette (pg. 53) -- An upholstered bench. Used three times in story.
Efflorescence (pg. 76) -- One could say blossoming, instead.
Gravitas (pg. 98) -- Dignity, seriousness.
Alice Paul (pg. 101) -- An American suffragist leader.
Unindicted (pg. 115) -- You don't pronounce the "c".
Thuja (pg. 118) -- A type of coniferous tree.
Cardigan (pg. 141) -- A sweater that fastens down the front. I can never remember that!
Cabriole (pg. 165) -- A very curvy kind of furniture leg.
Poussin (pg. 187) -- The painter, the chicken, or Jenny Poussin the body builder? I don't know.
Placket (pg. 188) -- Refers both to a slit in clothing and to layers of fabric which may be used to conceal such a slit. And yet I'm still not sure what it is!
piquant (pg. 194) -- Engagingly provocative.
porte cochere (pg. 196) -- A roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway to shelter those getting into or out of vehicles.
Big bug (pg. 212) -- A wealthy or important person.


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