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Vachss, Andrew


Vachss, Andrew
Burke is hired by a chubby buxom blonde who is set on revenge, in this the first of the series.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Judy Henske (pg. 119) -- An American singer, dubbed Queen of the Beatniks.
Fingertip leather jacket (pg. 264) -- A fingertip-length jacket. Who knew?


Dewey Decimal System of Dirt -- (pg. 39) Richard Reeves used a similar phrase in Peeping Thomas.



Two Trains Running

Vachss, Andrew
Came for the title, stayed for the story. The Mob, gangs, corruption, and cars in a town in the mountains back East somewhere. Moves right along.


"...long number at the bottom. And that ones' a pay phone..." -- (pg. 219) In 1959 I thought it was more usual to have the telephone exchange letters at part of the "number", rather than a string of digits.


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