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Hale, Shannon

Enna Burning

Hale, Shannon
Enna, a girl of the Forest, finds her brother has learned how to draw in heat and send it out again, with devastating results.



Princess Academy

Hale, Shannon
All the eligible girl's of Miri's village must attend the Princess Academy so that the prince can choose a bride. A number of startling revelations change the entire viewpoint of the protagonist.



The Actor And The Housewife

Hale, Shannon
A Mormon mother-of-four from Utah sells a movie script in LA and becomes best friends with a famous actor. Explores what friendship and marriage relationships are, with lots of witty dialogue. Some of the things that happened were like a punch in the gut to me, so it is not all fun.


(I need to keep it just as it is, just in case it was all a mistake, just in case Mike's alive and coming home any day.) -- page 278


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