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Pinkwater, Daniel

The Afterlife Diet

Pinkwater, Daniel
A rather confusing cast of characters, mostly fat, try to lose weight, or not, in heaven and here on earth. I found the hot dog description interesting, I might try tomatoes on a dog. Oh, did I mention the vampire parakeets?

Words I Had To Look Up:

Ophidiophobe (pg. 48) -- Fear of snakes.
Kakophaphiophobia ( pg. 80) -- Kakorraphiaphobia is the fear of failure. Typo?
Chalyatchkie stick (pg. 87) -- No definiton found.
Emmis about the whole geschichte (pg. 95) -- Can't find definion for "emmis", but the rest is about the whole story/history.
Fraktur characters (pg. 153) -- A typeface from the 16th century with a broken or fractured appearance.
Transmigrational (pg. 181) -- To pass from one body to another at death, soul-wise.
Prepossessing (pg. 191) -- Creating a favorable impression.
Gemutlich (pg. 208) -- German, pleasant.
Shmendrick (pg. 214) -- A spelling variation, it is Yiddish for a stupid person.
Pneumatic blonde (pg. 147) -- Well, Anna Nicole Smith was one.
Objet trouvé (pg. 224) -- In French, a found object.
Chent (pg. 240) -- Silly me, it is a mispronounciation of chant!


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