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Gould, Steven C.


Gould, Steven C.
Davy can teleport. Some very interesting observations on terrorism. Written in 1992, dropping the terrorist off the World Trade Tower was, ironic? After writing this, I find this was a movie in 2008. Never heard about it. Sounds dumb! Good book, though.


I may be a bank robber, but I'm no litterbug. (pg. 204)


I may be a bank robber, but I'm not a common thief. (pg. 207)


One of the problems with American public policy on terrorism is that our government insists on blurring the line between armed insurgence against military forces and installations and attacks on uninvolved civilians...But an attack on an armed military force occupying one's homeland? That's not terrorism...I'm just saying that if you call that terrorism then the U.S. is also involved in financing terrorists in Afghanistan and Central America. (pg. 214)


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