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Dowd, Siobhan

The London Eye Mystery

Dowd, Siobhan
Ted and sister Kate try to figure out how their cousin Salim disappeared from the London Eye "Ferris" sort-of-wheel. EDIT--There was no Read date, don't know when I read it!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Oesophagus (pg. 2) -- British spelling of esophagus. Duh!
Shreddies (pg. 5) -- British breakfast cereal, from Post. Looks like Wheat Chex to me!
Lilo (pg. 42) -- An inflatable mattress.
Topological (pg. 45) -- A simplified map not necessarily related to geography. The famous London subway map is an example.
Topographical (pg. 45) -- Basically, has contour lines showing hills and such.
Dialled (pg. 258) -- Same as dialed, I guess.


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