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Beattie, editor, Ann

Best American Short Stories 1987

Beattie, editor, Ann
Twenty short stories, most of which I didn't care for. I guess my expectations for stories is somewhat juvenile, I need a satisfying conclusion.


S. Sontag The Way We Live Now --Unreadable.

J. Updike The Afterlife -- Pointless.

C. Nova, The Prince -- Better, but still boring.

E. Tallent Favor -- Meh.

M. Gallant Kingdom Come -- Boring.

S Miller The Lover Of Women -- Not bad.

M. S. Bell The Lie Detector -- Huh.

A. Munro Circle Of Prayer -- Not bad, till the end.

L. K. Abbott Dreams Of Distant Lives -- Boring boring.

R. Lombreglia Men Under Water -- I liked it!

R. Carver Boxes -- Ok, except for the end.

B. Mukherjee The Tenant -- Beginning OK, but poor ending.

J. Williams The Blue Men -- Weird!

K. Haruf Private Debts-Public Holdinds -- Now THAT is a story!!!

C Baxter How I Found My Brother -- Interesting ship model stuff, but otherwise...

T. Wolfe The Other Miller -- OK, till end, redux. FYI, it is not Tom Wolfe, it is Tobias.

R. Taylor, Jr. Lady Of Spain -- Huh.

D. Stern The Interpretation Of Dreams by Sigmund Freud: A Story -- Much promise, what with the squirrel, but...

R. Carlson Milk -- Ending OK.

T. O'Brien The Things They Carried -- Much hope for this, but only OK.


Steve, who also worked at the Orange Julius stand, said that if he ever had the chance, he would be in that back seat in a jiffy. I feared for his soul, but suspected that he wasn't as likely as I was to be put to the test. -- from Lady Of Spain, by Robert Taylor, Jr. (pg. 251)


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