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Werlin, Nancy

Black Mirror

Werlin, Nancy
I've been captivated by the cover of this book for several years, and so decided to finally read it. I found it alternating sad, funny, poignant, threatening, and depressing. I liked it, but it seems maybe a little more YA than middle school. I guess the period of pot smoking was important to the story, but I wished the author had left out the one f**K, three bi**chs, four d**kheads, one g*dd*m*ed, and maybe the one kiss*ss. And it seemed the protagonist was having her period every other chapter.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Boucle -- Heavy looped pile. Refers to a sweater, in this case. Pg. 102


Oh. My. God.
Ms. Wiles had been right.
I was in love with a small-time prep school drug dealer.


...injected ... with an overdose of heroine. -- pg. 234


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