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Raskin, Ellen

Figgs & Phantoms

Raskin, Ellen
Well, that was interesting... Found this one during inventory, hasn\'t been checked out in nearly thirty years. I actually remember the last person who borrowed it! Glad I read it, very nice pictures, but did not think it was fabulous. That is, the second half was too strange for me.



The Tattooed Potato And Other Clues

Raskin, Ellen
Art student Dickory Dock goes to work for artist Garson, helping solve several improbable mysteries along with opening the front door for guests, and keeping his paints in order.

Words I Had To Look Up:

taboret (pg. 47) -- A cabinet for storing art materials.


"Bail's a bit tricky on a murder charge..." (pg. 151)



The Westing Game

Raskin, Ellen
A interesting little mystery. The will of a rich guy instructs the heirs to discovered who murdered him before one of them can collect.


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