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O'Brien, Tim

July, July

O'Brien, Tim
A "31st" reunion of 1969 college graduates reveals pasts loves and conflicts, and how they have shaped peoples lives. I was reduced to tears at one point, but I'm not sure about the ending.

Words I Had To Look Up:

exigency (pg. 101) -- Requiring immediate action or remedy.
elisions (pg. 113) -- The act or an instance of omitting something.
abstemious (pg. 116) -- Characterized by abstinence or moderation.


"Janice, he missed you," she said. "He wondered where you'd gone." (pg. 157) I was reduced to tears by this line, for personal reasons.



The Nuclear Age

O'Brien, Tim
Former draft-dodger man digs hole in backyard. Funny in parts. Guess I didn't get it. Not as strange as the author's "Going After Cacciato", nor as fabulous as "In The Lake Of The Woods".



Tomcat In Love

O'Brien, Tim
A professor of linguistics keeps trying to get his ex-wife back. Interesting, sometimes funny.


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