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Macleod, Charlotte

Something in the water

Macleod, Charlotte
Professor Shandy travels to Maine to check out some lupines, finds murder. An exquisitely charming mystery with lovely verbal bandinage. One tear at the end.

Words I Had To Look Up::

QUODAM -- Belonging to some prior time. (pg. 1)
PANICLES -- A branched cluster of flowers in which the branches are racemes. (pg. 2)
KIND OF A TAKING -- Agitation; excitement; distress of mind. (pg. 16)
DIVERS -- Various; several; sundry. (pg. 21)
MATUTINAL -- Of, relating to, or occurring in the morning; early. (pg. 30)
WELKIN -- 1. The vault of heaven; the sky. 2. The upper air. (pg. 30)
MONEY CAT -- An Asian Leopard cat, because its spots look like Chinese coins. (pg. 40)
SILVICULTURE -- The care and cultivation of forest trees; forestry. (pg. 41)
PANTHER WOMEN -- A Wodehouse reference. (pg. 67)
FRIED CLAM TACOS -- Available at Dos Locos in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. (pg. 68)
DOYENNE -- A woman who is the eldest or senior member of a group. (pg. 68)
PERSIFLAGE -- 1. Light good-natured talk; banter. 2. Light or frivolous manner of discussing a subject. (pg. 83)
MAGNILOQUENT -- Lofty and extravagant in speech; grandiloquent. (pg. 97)
OBSEQUIES -- A funeral rite or ceremony. Often used in the plural. (pg. 104)
CONTUMACIOUS -- Obstinately disobedient or rebellious; insubordinate. (pg. 109)
PREPRANDIAL -- Before a meal, especially dinner: (pg. 110)
WITHAL -- 1. In addition; besides. .... Archaic With. Used after its object at the end of a sentence or clause.(pg. 136)
BESOM -- 1. A bundle of twigs attached to a handle and used as a broom. (pg. 154)
MAKE OLD BONES -- To reach a great age. (pg. 205)



The Balloon Man

Macleod, Charlotte
Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn host a wedding and a hot-air balloon drops in!



The Grub And Stakers House A Haunt

Macleod, Charlotte
A ghost come and tells of a treasure to find.


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