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Grimes, Martha

Biting The Moon

Grimes, Martha
A teen with amnesia searching for her past with her new friend Mary Dark Hope, a character from another Richard Jury book. Unsatisfying.




Grimes, Martha
Well, it's not a pub, it's a nightclub. This was a pretty good read, but rather unsatisfying as we do not find out who-done-it, neither now, nor on the raft. I have some questions:
1. What happened to the chop? (pg. 140)
2. Was the finding of the gun mentioned before? (pg. 319)
3. Didn't the autopsy show that Billy did not eat anything? (pg. 320)
But, really, I enjoyed the book.

Words I Had To Look Up:::

past another line of oasthouses. (pg. 83) -- Building containing a kiln for drying hops.
in medias res (pg. 211) -- A Latin phrase denoting the literary and artistic narrative technique wherein the relation of a story begins either at the mid-point or at the conclusion, rather than at the beginning, establishing setting, character, and conflict via flashback and expository conversations relating the pertinent past.from Wikipedia.
City of Benares (pg. 225) -- Seventy-seven children died in the sinking.


Everyone in the bloody world smoked except him, chain-smoked, even. He wouldn't be surprised to see Mungo light up. (pg. 254) Mungo is a dog.



Rainbow's End

Grimes, Martha
Each of her books is the name of a pub.




Grimes, Martha
Superintendent Jury investigates a murdered woman in a flower bed and a woman who says she was NOT on the bus. Good story.



The Black Cat

Grimes, Martha
Jury investigates the murder of a librarian/escort woman. There is more about woman's shoes than I really want to know. Three black cats and the dog Mungo make a humorous interlude.

Smoke Quote:

For the one millionth time, Jry would have given an ear for a cigarette. He could really understand van Gogh if the man had quit smoking.-- Pg. 109



Read again:


The Case Has Altered

Grimes, Martha
Richard Jury investigates two murders in the fen country of England.


"Thinking" was apparently a rather novel act for Julie, and an intensely physical one. She folded her arms and scratched her elbows, squinting up at the ceiling; she drew her mouth back revealing teeth as small as a child's, then pursed the mouth, repeating this process several times. She might have been indulging in some of Fiona's facial exercises. Her neck seemed to strain upward as if there were a rarefied air up there necessary for cerebral activity. Jury had to give her this: that unlike most people, Julie took thinking dammed seriously.--Page 183.



The old wine shades

Grimes, Martha
Drury investigates a woman, her son, and a dog that have disappeared. But the dog came back. Very uneven Amazon reviews. I say, mostly interesting, even the quantum mechanics stuff, but the ending left me hanging.



The Way Of All Fish

Grimes, Martha
The second book in a series, with not always great reviews on Goodreads, and I grabbed it by misteak at the library. So I was kind of stuck with it. Well, the first two-thirds I was ploughing along, but the third-third picked up a bit and I enjoyed it more. My major peeve is that a clown fish is a salt water fish. It's not gonna live in a little fishbowl very long. Good thing this is fiction!


He was sipping the second half of his drink when he decided the plane was losing altitude, by way of either landing or crashing. He didn't care as long as the cart had time to come his way again and so long as Shirlee Murphee's manuscript was incinerated. -- pg 157


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