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Roanhorse, Rebecca

Black Sun

Roanhorse, Rebecca
Book one of Between Earth And Sky series. Well, we seem to be left at some sort of cliffhanger (not literally) here. When is the next book coming out?



Trail Of Lightning

Roanhorse, Rebecca
I really enjoyed this first book in The Sixth World series. Which I'm reading 'cause it was nominated for a Hugo. It takes place in the Navajo tribal area of the U.S. after an apocalyptic event has wiped out a great deal of the rest of the world. Very reminiscent of Tony Hillerman's mysteries, at least as far as the Native American stuff. There has been some controversy about her portrayal of Navajo culture and mythology, but it's a good story.


More of an oversize shack, really, it is approximately eight hundred feet across and half as deep...--pg 153 So it's almost nearly three football fields long and it's an oversize shack?


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