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Hunter's Horn

Arnow, Harriette Simpson
Picked this orphan book off the middle school library shelf. A really rich, detailed story of poor Kentucky hill farmers. One man's obsession with foxhunting, to the detriment of his family, is central to the story. I would like to have learned how his daughter's pregnancy turned out.



Red Sky In Mourning

Ashcraft, Tami Oldham
Tami and Richard set sail for San Diego from Tahiti. Richard goes overboard and is lost during a hurricane, and Tami must survive, trying to sail the dis-masted boat. They made a movie of this true adventure/disaster.



I, Robot

Asimov, Isaac
Nine stories about robots linked by narration of Susan Calvin. I fear the movie...



Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn

Asimov, Isaac
Writing as Paul French, this is one of Asimov's juveniles. The Sirians have established a base on Titan.





Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories 11 (1949)

Asimov, Isaac, ed.
Fifteen classic stories, including "The Witches Of Karres". 2005



Isaac Asimov's Adventures of science fiction

Asimov, Isaac, ed.
Twelve stories from Asimov's magazine. Especially like "The Jaren".



The Hugo Winners, Volume 3 Book 1

Asimov, Isaac, ed.
Hugo winners for 1970-1972.



The Hugo Winners, Volume 3 Book 2

Asimov, Isaac, ed.
Hugo winners for 1973-1975. Some fabulous stories here.



100 Malicious Little Mysteries

Asimov, Isaac, ed., et. al.
Some mighty good short little mysteries in this volume.



Robert B. Parker's Lullaby

Atkins, Ace
A Spencer book written by another author after Parker's death. A young girl hires Spencer (for a box of donuts!) to look into the murder of her mother.



Big Sky

Atkinson, Kate
A Jackson Brodie book. Engaging story, full of the usual twists and turns. Honestly, I get to the end and I STILL don't know what is what. Silver BMW, some girl named Darcy, and the title - what does the title mean?



Case Histories

Atkinson, Kate
I like this book very much. There is a lot of sly humor, and some very sad parts. A good mixture. Let me just say I have never thought much of the idea of retiring in another country, though. Everyone in books seems to want to go live in France, or Costa Rica, or Alaska, for cryin' out loud. I am not one of them. Maybe it's the airplane thing, I don't know. I like how the story may be continued a bit in another book, I'll have to get them and see.

Smoke Quote::

He lit a new cigarette from the stub of the old one because he had run out of matches, and faced with a choice between chain-smoking or abstinence, he'd taken the former option because it felt like there was enough abstinence in his life already. -- pg. 45


(He always carried tissues, half the people he met seemed to end up in tears). -- pg. 153



One Good Turn

Atkinson, Kate
Great book, surprise ending. It took me until page 317 until I realized who Julia was. And I just read the previous book in April!


You had to hand it to the Welrod. When they said "silenced", they meant silenced. -- pg. 370




Atkinson, Kate
Juliet gets a job in a spy organization in WWII London. I love the writing, the story was OK, but I didn't care for the ending. I should probably read the ending over again to see it grows on me.



When Will There Be Good News?

Atkinson, Kate
I finished this morning, now I've nothing to read. Lots of twists and turns. I read the large print edition. It is SO MUCH easier than the paperbacks. I was worth driving to the library three cities away to borrow it. Thank goodness for the county library system!

I was reading page 198 when I said out loud, "Who the hell is Tessa?" Well, now we know.


Louise was sure that buried deep inside her, lurking in the murky labyrinth of her heart, there was an incredibly well-behaved person wondering when she would ever be let out. Patrick probably wondered the same thing. -- pg. 321



Pride And Prejudice

Austen, Jane
Only took me two weeks to wade through this! I like to see Robert B. Parker take a crack a re-writing this. I finally got excited about the story in the last seventy-five pages, and actually laughed out loud a couple times!



Some of the Best from 2014

Authors, , Misc.

Charlie Jane Anders: As Good As New

Dale Bailey: The End of the End of Everything

Kelly Barnhill: Mrs. Sorensen and the Sasquatch

Richard Bowes: Sleep Walking Now and Then

Marie Brennan: Daughter of Necessity

Adam Christopher: Brisk Money

John Chu: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Trade-Offs for the Overhaul of the Barricade

A.M. Dellamonica: The Color of Paradox

Ruthanna Emrys: The Litany of Earth

Max Gladstone: A Kiss With Teeth

Kathleen Ann Goonan: A Short History of the Twentieth Century, or, When You Wish Upon a Star

Nicola Griffith: Cold Wind

Maria Dahvana Headley: The Tallest Doll in New York City

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen: Where the Trains Turn

Yoon Ha Lee: Combustion Hour

Ken Liu: Reborn

Seanan McGuire: Midway Relics and Dying Breeds

Daniel José Older: Anyway:

Angie Mary Rickert: The Mothers of Voorhisville

John Scalzi: Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome

Veronica Schanoes: Among the Thorns

Genevieve Valentine: The Insects of Love

Jo Walton: Sleeper

Kai Ashante Wilson: The Devil in America

Ray Wood: In the Sight of Akresa

Isabel Yap: A Cup of Salt Tears



The Night Gardener

Auxier, Jonathan
Molly and her brother Kip, possibly orphans from Ireland, go to work at a very spooky house (on an island!) out in the English country. There's this tree...



Red Queen

Aveyard, Victoria
OK story. Poor girl gets picked to join the power elite, but I forget why. Oh, yeah, she develops a super power. Everyone betrays everyone else, pretty much, and things go to heck, just in time for the next book, or the movie.



Nothing But The Truth

Avi, No First Name
A student acts up in homeroom during the national anthem. Story is told from several points of view. Just what IS the truth?


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