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SOS Titanic

Bunting, Eve
A boy travels from Ireland to America, part of the way, on the good ship Titanic. Good story, but why do I not have any other Bunting books on my list, eh?



Bankok 8

Burdett, John
Thai police detective investigates the death of an American Marine, with the help of an FBI agent. Lots of Buddhist thoughts. Snakes. Observation on the Thai sex industry.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Glyph -- A symbol, such as a stylized figure or arrow on a public sign, that imparts information nonverbally. (pg. 307)


The new age of biotechnology will require a highly developed intuition which operates outside of logic, and anyway the internal destruction of Western society will have reached such a pass that most of your resources will be concentrated on managing loonies. -- pg. 153



The Return Of Tarzan

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Tarzan repeatedly must foil the machinations of the evil Monsieur Thuran/Rokoff. Rescues Jane from the frightful men of Opar, too. This has been my bathroom reader at work for four months!

Words I Had To Look Up::

bowlder (pg. 210) -- Alternative spelling of 'boulder'.
ulster (pg. 215) --a man's heavy double-breasted overcoat with a belt or half-belt at the back, so-called because it was first produced in Northern Ireland.
Sapristi! (pg. 219) -- Good Heavens!



Lost In America

Buzzell, Colby
Colby travels around the U.S. in his old car, mostly in Detroit, in a kind Kerouac-y mode.


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