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Drowned Hopes

Westlake, Donald
70-year-old Tom enlists his former cellmate Dortmunder, and the "gang", to help him retrieve a stash of loot that is now under a reservoir.

Words I Had To Look Up:

big sixteen-wheeler (pg. 218) -- I cannot visualize the wheel arrangement on that.

W.R. Burnett's Dark Hazard (pg. 268) -- A book Tom is reading on the train. It's about a man with a gambling problem. His racing dog is the title character. Edward G. Robinson was in the movie, in 1934.

Icepick, Long Island (pg. 293) -- Refers to the state mental hospital in Islip.

Toyota Chemistra (pg. 293) -- Huh, I don't remember that model.

bar of magnesium is welded (pg. 413) -- Turns out you CAN weld magnesium.

Pontiac Prix Fixe (pg. 418) -- What a minute...

Datsun S.E.X 69 (pg. 418) -- Now I think Westlake is having fun with us.

Smoke Quote:

Her left hand pretend-smoked, fiddling with an imaginary cigarette, flicking ghost ashes on the floor, something she hadn't done since just after she quit. (pg. 3)