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The Choice

Sparks, Nicholas
With some foreboding, we are told how the romance between Travis and Gabby develops from anger over a pregnant dog to a motorcycle ride. Not a lot further along we jump to the present, where SOMETHING AWFUL has happened. When we FINALLY find out what that is, not a lot further along SOMETHING WONDERFUL happens!

Not terribly complicated plots, if I can figure out what is coming, but I guess that isn't the charm of these romantic love stories.

Words I Had To Look Up:

1983 Honda Shadow (pg. 129) -- He RESTORED this? A faux Harley? Any bike is a good bike, I guess, but I thought it was a rather boring choice. I guess the author needed something with a low enough seat for a chick to learn to ride. a new Leapster (pg. 220) -- A hand-held educational game console.