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Westlake, Donald
God decides he is quite bored with humans and so sends the angel Ananayel to arrange for the humans to bring about their own destruction.

Words I Had To Look Up:

scrofulous fleas (pg. 123) --
milk and mell (pg. 156) -- It is explained in great detail two pages farther. It's honey.
mezuzahs (pg. 191) -- A small piece of parchment inscribed with biblical passages that is rolled up in a container and affixed by many Jewish households to their door frames in conformity with Jewish law and as a sign of their faith.
marplot (pg. 251) -- An officious meddler whose interference compromises the success of an undertaking.
vassalage (pg. 272) -- The condition of being a vassal.
schismatic (pg. 271) -- One who promotes or engages in schism.
hospodar (pg. 272) -- 1. A Slav. word meaning lord, master. 2. A title borne by the princes or governors of Moldavia and Wallachia before those countries were united as Rumania.
rustling claque (pg. 273) -- A group of persons hired to applaud at a performance.
quasistable (pg. 334) -- More often used with a hyphen between quasi and stable, a term formerly (before the discovery of charmed particles) used for elementary particles that cannot decay into other particles through strong interactions and that have lifetimes longer than 10-20 second. Also known as semistable elementary particle.
subsumed (pg. 337) -- To classify, include, or incorporate in a more comprehensive category or under a general principle.


Like Hans Brinker himself, he could skate with aplomb over the occasional patch of thin ice, such as plant safety or disposal of contaminated wastes, awing and distracting the populace with the grace and assurance of his arabesques. (pg. 129) First Hans Brinker simile I've ever seen. Loved that book!