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Robinson, Patrick
Mack Bedford gets kicked out of the Navy, essentially. Deadly anti-tank missiles are killing our boys in the Middle East. And the ship yard in Mack's hometown is shutting down. All because of the French. Mack is going to do something about. it.
As mentioned in the review, it takes 200 pages to get going, but when it does, it does! Some of the plot seems improbable, but you can't fault the action.
I'm not some military expert, but I never heard that SEALs traveled in tanks. Seems like all the SEALs killed in this book are in tanks!
The author's favorite word seems to be "smithereens". He uses it at least three times. Hey, like I could write a best-selling novel!


He surged forward, arms pumping, combat boots hitting the blacktop. Up ahead he could see a cyclist, wearing Olympic spandex shorts but struggling. And in Mack's mind, this was Osama Bin Laden trying to get away...The cyclist, who was not even a member of al-Qaeda, was a young local schoolteacher, and he stared in astonishment as Mack Bedford came pounding past him. (pg. 203)