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Sudden Mischief

Parker, Robert B.
Susan asks Spencer to help out her ex-husband who has been accused of sexually harassing FOUR women!

Donut Quote:

The trip wasn't a total waste. I was able to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts near the Redstone Shopping Center and had two plain donuts and a large coffee. Failing to learn anything is hungry work. (pg. 83)


It was a lovely December day, brisk and sunny. Unfortunately it was the first week in April. (pg. 93)


"Sometimes your cynicism achieves Shakespearian resonance," I said.
"Coming from you," Hawk said, "that a real compliment." (pg. 117)


I opened the drawers in Sterling's desk and found some blank disks. I put one in the computer and copied the hard disk onto it. (pg. 121) That must have been a big floppy!


I liked the rain. It was interesting to look at, and I enjoyed the feeling of shelter on a rainy day. (pg. 132)

Bonus Donut Quote:

"He going to bring donuts," Hawk said.
"I don't think Sean ever ate a donut," I said.
"Then how much help he going to be?" (pg. 135)